Something Different: Glow in the Dark Sand Art iPhone 5 Case

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see something else that you never would have expected. An example: the Glow in the Dark Sand Art iPhone 5 case. The front of the case looks like any other; this one happens to look like white plastic on the front. But turn it over and you’ll see …

… that the back of the case has a liquid and sand filled piece of art embedded in it. Tilting and turning the iPhone 5 case causes the sand and bubbles trapped inside to flow in abstract patterns. As the seller notes, you’ll still have something to do even if your phone runs out of juice and you’re not able to get in just one more round of Candy Crush Saga. And of course it glows in the dark or under black light as well, which should make it a hit at parties. (Rave, anyone?)

This is actually a pretty cool iPhone 5 case concept, and if you’re already on the market for a case it might be one to consider. It’s currently available for $24.95 at


Offbeat iPhone Gear   Offbeat iPhone Gear

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