Griffin’s Identity Cases Protect from Drops, but Keep It Stylish

Griffin is one of our favorite accessories companies here at Gear Diary so when I received Griffin’s Identity cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, I pretty much already knew to expect a quality product, but got much more.


I had the opportunity to get three different models of the Griffin’s Identity series: Tennis ball Green, Blue with a clear back, and a black wallet case. Now usually I’m not a fan of wallet cases because I think they are a bit corny, and I feel strange having my credit cards exposed when I have my phone out to text, and specifically on my ear during a call. But I was overall very surprised by all three, and came out with a favorite that I didn’t think I wouldn’t like at the beginning.


One requirement that I have for my iPhone 6 Plus case is protection. Griffin honors my request as all three of the cases they sent all came with a shock absorbing rubber frame. None of the cases actually added any additional bulk to case minus the sides, which gave both the blue and tennis green cases an added feel. The Tennis Ball Green version’s back actually had a rubber like backing that felt pretty good in the hand. It’s grippy feel was so nice I actually did something I’ve never done with my cases, and that’s combined them.


The wallet case that I had the opportunity to review actually was just like the other two models with the polycarbonate plastic frame, along with the obvious shock absorption. But the good thing about the wallet is it has three slots for cards if you chose to use them, but I fit four in perfectly fine. I will say the wallet case is minimalistic and looks better with less cards however.


This black case has a black and white rubber on the inside which I took out and used with the tennis ball green backing from the Tennis Green version. The fact that I can easily swap my colors was actually pretty neat, and can match how I’m feeling on any given day, as the rear back panel is interchangeable.


The clear backing I received on the blue unit of the Griffin identity is durable and doesn’t scratch up like most of the ones I’ve seen on the market which to me is ideal as I tend to stay away from ANY clear case. They do offer an all-clear model if that’s what you like, but lately I’ve tried to veer off from sticking to all clear, and all-black cases. One added bonus is instead of just having a wide gap for the speaker grill, Griffin actually took time out to detail EACH individual speaker hole which I enjoy.


Overall, I love my Griffin Identity cases, and I can easily separate myself from everyone else, and at $29.99, they are slim, stylish, and overall, protective. Shop for Griffin Identity cases

Source: manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: I personally LOVE the tennis ball color and feel, and wish it came in more colors as well

What Needs Improvement: With so much attention to detail on the speaker grill, I would’ve liked to see accents on the volume buttons (+ and -)

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