Can the Made Simplify Your Kitchen and Make You Eat Better?

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If the idea of bringing home bulk beans, lentils, rice, and loose grains causes you to get nervous because you don’t want to figure out cooking measurements, but you know you need to integrate these healthy items into your diet more, then The Made might just be a Kickstart project that you should back.

A twist of the cap, a gentle shake, and a flip of the lid is all it takes to dispense the perfect amount of content into your using container.”

I can see other ways that the Made could be helpful beyond the typical bulk items; for instance, I love munching on wasabi peas. A serving is 30 grams at 120 calories, but let’s be real: I’m not going to measure out 30 grams every time I want to enjoy my favorite snack. I know and accept this about myself, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer to know when I had already had a serving and at what point I was starting a second or (gasp) third helping.

I have measured out 30 grams of wasabi peas before, and I found that 30 grams roughly equals 1/3 cup. But guess what? I’m probably not any more likely to pull out a measuring cup to serve myself an exact single serving than I am to pull out  a scale. Instead, I’ll sit with the bag of wasabi peas next to me, grabbing one or two and eating them over a period of time. I honestly have no idea how many servings I will have had by the time I put the bag up, and that’s kind of the point of the Made.

If you put your loose food items into the Made, then you can measure out a perfect serving every time you serve yourself.

Coffee, baby formula, wasabi peas — these are all things that need to be kept fresh and dry and measured out once it’s time to consume them; the Made can help. There are only 7 days left; if this is a product that you think will benefit you in the kitchen, they you’ll want to go back it right away.

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