Anker’s Wireless Earbuds Promise 48 Hours of Playback

Anker is a well-known electronics company that is a personal favorite of mine. Over the past few years, I’ve used their portable battery chargers, cables, and various accessories to make sure My gadgets are never without a full charge. And soon there will be one more accessory that everyone needs to check out from them, the Liberty+ True Wireless Earphones.

A Kickstarter that is currently seeking a $50,000 goal, the Liberty+ have 13 days remaining for funding and have already reached close to $1.8 million dollars which means this is going to be THE item to get.

The Liberty+ will offer up many of the features the competition in the truly wireless earbud genre have but have yet to master including:

* 3.5 hours playtime and a total of 48 hours life with charging case
* Single button Bluetooth pairing; straightforward and simple
* Sweat resistant and designed to remain in the ear even during strenuous exercise
* Transparency; one click to block out the outside world, another to relay external audio with the utmost clarity.
* The first True Wireless earphones to use Graphene-coated drivers that propel sound quality to new heights.
* Integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

With plenty of competition from the likes of Bragi, Jabra and others we’ve reviewed before, I am actually way more excited to see what Anker has in store, and you should too.

You can find out more information including how to back the Liberty+ on Kickstarter by clicking this link today!

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