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May 7, 2014 • Gear Bits, News

Meek Milland Monster 24K Headphones Celebrate in Style

Monster 24K Headphones

How did you celebrate your last birthday? Rising urban hip hop artist and entrepreneur Meek Milland celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas the other night with Monster Headphones, the new Monster 24K Headphones and a bevy of friends. That was just the beginning.

Full disclosure: when I read about Meek’s birthday fun, I was a bit jealous. After all I spent my last birthday in a board meeting and then went to dinner with Elana the next night. Meek spent his birthday with people like Diddy. King Back, Adrian Brown, and Marshawn Lynch. Not bad. Of course, the new Monster 24K Headphones were the guest of honor. The party had such a cool collection of invitees that the location was a secret.

This is the alert that went to Vegas media:

Rising urban hip hop artist and entrepreneur Meek is celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas tonight in conjunction with the launch of his 24K Headphones created by Monster. This very hush-hush event, is so private that even the celebrity guests won’t know the location until later this evening with many of them getting shuttled to the event.

Check out the Monster 24K Headphones

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Not a bad way to celebrate… And get some attention for yourself and some blingy new headphones! Check out the Monster Headphone 24K here.


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