Carrot Fit 2.0 Weight Loss App Launches Tomorrow

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Carrot Fit 2.0 Weight Loss App Launches Tomorrow

I’m a big fan of the CARROT apps for iOS. Whether you need help getting up in the morning (CARROT Alarm), getting things done (CARROT To-Do), or getting in shape (CARROT Fit), these apps have you covered. They’re not the typical shiny-happy apps, oh no — CARROT is an evil, malicious AI that will call you names and even threaten… if that’s what it takes. And I can testify from personal experience that they’re very effective!

With the help of CARROT Fit, I’ve already lost almostĀ 40 pounds, but unlike a typical weight loss app it isn’t an exercise tracker, or a meal planner, or anything of the sort. All it does it prompt me to weigh myself each day, rewards me if I’m either steady or losing weight, or punishes my sad little electronic avatar if I’ve gained anything back. That may not sound like much, but every time I eat I do find myself asking what CARROT will say the next morning if I order the large instead of the small, etc. And if I’m having a rough day, I can even blow off some steam by electrocuting that sad little avatar myself!

If that sounds appealing, then you should grab the app today. Version 2.0 launches tomorrow, and the price will go up too. Right now it’s just $1.99, but tomorrow CARROT Fit will cost you $2.99. If you need to lose a few pounds, and you enjoy snarky, sarcastic humor, CARROT Fit will shame you into getting fit … and you’ll laugh every time you step on the scale.

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