Zombie Invasion – iPhone Game Review

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In my lighter moments and more adolescent male times, in other words all the time; I play games on my iPhone!

Currently I have two games, Bejeweled 2 and Zombie Invasion.  By far its more fun to play Zombie Invasion and watch the zombies bite the dust!  Zombie Invasion is a classic shooter game with one shooter standing at the bottom of the screen shooting at the approaching zombies.  As the level increases there are more zombies and more weapons.



The first version of the game  had only one level of play and no pause buttons, but subsequent versions later all these functions have been added and the game has become much more difficult.

Really great simplistic fun and the startup music says “I want to eat your brains!”  I’ve only managed level 10 thus far, but my friend’s children really appreciate it when I hand them my iPhone and wipe the bored looks from their face!

Here’s a fun little tip too!  On your iPhone you can do the equivalent of a Windows PrtScrn (Screen Shot) by pressing the Home and Lock button simultaneously.  The screen flashes white, the camera sounds and a png file gets stored on your film roll.

The game is available on the Apple iTunes Application Store.

MSRP: $.99

What I Like: Great fun and endless hours of mind numbing satisfaction; Great Price!

What I don’t Like: Nothing!  Its Perfect!

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