Nothing Says “I Love My Child” Like a Baby Tooth Keeper

There are many milestones in a child’s life that as parents we want to save. We kept the bracelet our son had in the hospital, we kept his early doctor visit notes, etc. I draw the line, though, at an item I didn’t even know existed until this week: a baby tooth keeper.

Nothing Says "I Love My Child" Like a Baby Tooth Keeper

These are exactly what they sound like; boxes and scrapbooks designed to let you save a child’s baby teeth for posterity. Or until you forget, and someday your kids find a box of teeth and wonder if you were a serial killer. Maybe I am just a bad mom, but the idea of preserving my child’s teeth sort of creeps me out…have you used these, or would you? There’s plenty of options out there, including an entire web store devoted to toothy storage choices!

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2 Comments on "Nothing Says “I Love My Child” Like a Baby Tooth Keeper"

  1. I totally get that the collection of teeth is weird, but they are milestones … I was talking to Lisa about it – we have the boys teeth in a box, and would have used this in a heartbeat.Then file it away and pass it down. And actually – I think a labelled folio with names and dates of your child and their teeth is much less creepy than a box of random teeth! 🙂

    • “Much less creepy” than “totally serial killer kinda creepy” is still… Creepy. 🙂

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