Quick Video Look at Three Upcoming iPad Air Case Reviews

We’ve got three iPad Air case reviews coming this week and thought we might take an early look at video reviews of each. The three premium cases come from some of our favorite case companies and each offers some unique qualities that make it an intriguing option if you are looking to protect and add functionality to your iPad Air.
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Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air

The most protective of the three cases in this roundup, the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air is a folio case that offers thin, light but truly impressive protection. The stand built into the case is a feature I expect anyone who purchases this case will find quite useful. I don’t see this iPad Air Case as something someone would take into a business meeting but for students and people who tend to be rather casual it is a great choice.

Element Case Ducati Soft-Tec Folio for iPad Air

The Ducati Soft-Tec Folio for iPad Air is the most traditional of the three cases listed here. This iPad Air case is thin and light and bound to impress. The Element Case and Ducati branding add a great level of cache and the quality of the case is second to none. It even folds so the cover can turn into a stand.

Booqpad for iPad Air

The Booqpad is the most innovative case in this collection. The iPad snaps into a traditional shell affixed to the right side of the case. The left side holds a pad of paper for tracking traditional notes. But because the pad can be removed, flipped around and inserted into what used to be the bottom, you can also have the pad of paper on the right and the iPad on the left. In other words this case is ambidextrous! Better still, the iPad shell can be removed and the iPad used in a thin, light, unencumbered manner while still being protected by the shell. And when it is time to put the case together again the magnets embedded into the shell and case do the job for you. This is the case for anyone who sits through a lot of meetings.

All three cases impressed me and are worth a look. Check out the videos now and check back for the three full reviews.

Quick Video Look at Three Upcoming iPad Air Case Reviews

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