Carry It All in Style with the booq Boa Flow Laptop Backpack

If you are in the market for a backpack that offers style, comfort, protection and flexibility, the booq Boa Flow Laptop Backpack is for you. It lets you carry and protect your laptop, DSLR, headphones and more. The flexible design and its great looks will immediately make it your favorite backpack ever. It may be perfect for my upcoming trip.Booq | Boa flow

At an MSRP of $225 the backpack might seem a bit pricey, but when you consider the quality built into it and the flexibility the design offers you’ll quickly see it as a good value if not a bargain. The booq Boa Flow Laptop Backpack is a serious backpack made for the urban hiker.

Booq | Boa flow

It has a slot at the top for your phone and a nicely padded compartment that is able to hold up to a 17″ laptop. There’s plenty of room in the backpack for all your gear AND accessories. That includes a special strap designed to hold your large over-the-ear headphones in place.

booq Boa Flow Laptop Backpack


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The secret to the booq Boa Flow Laptop Backpack is what the company refers to as its “Flexible Architecture”.

Integral to the bag’s flexible design is its collapsible bottom compartment and rigid removable frame which serve as a protected, separate place for your camera or large headphones. When those items are not needed, collapsing the compartment and removing the protective frame maximizes the main volume for books, documents, or other large items.

Booq | Boa flow

In order to keep all your gear as comfortable as possible while you are on the go, the design features three different adjustment points, a breathable back panel and more.

What really won me over with the design was the super-smart location of not one but two easy-access smartphone pockets. One is at the tope of the bag while the other …

Booq | Boa flow

… sits in the side waist strap. Now THAT’S a brilliant design element. You can learn more about the Boa Flow Laptop Backpack and order yours here.

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