Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones Review

For most of us, the name Lamborghini evokes images of power, style and phenomenal design. So when we learned that Tonino Lamborghini, son of the great automobile designer, was releasing a line of in ear headphones we took notice. The Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones are the most affordable of the three offerings that are coming this spring; here’s a look.

Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones

The first thing I noticed upon receiving the review sample was the excellent sense of design that makes its way even to the packaging itself. Inside the box is a triangular carrying case featuring the Lamborghini name and the company’s bull logo inlaid toward the top. The carrying case holds an assortment of different interchangeable ear tips. It’s always great when in-ear headphones arrive with a wide selection of your tips because that’s the best way to make sure each person using them will get the best fit and seal possible. And of course the headphones are in the box as well.

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The company is proud of their use of the word “quantum”, and on both the website and in the promotional literature we received they explain why that word was selected for use with this line of headphones.

Quantum derived from the Latin term quantus, means how much, and is an integral part of quantity. It is as small and simple as it gets. A quantum is that elementary and essential particle that defines and shapes the whole. Introducing the new range of Quantum earphones from Tonino Lamborghini, allowing you to shape your own quantum of style and luxury.

And while the phrase “allowing you to shape your own quantum of style and luxury” sounds more like something a PR agency came up with than an audiophile did, it certainly sounds rather flashy.

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Considering the unusual shape of the carrying case, the bright red color of the pull tab, the highlights on the earphones themselves, and the strategic placement of the bolt logo on both carrying case and the earphones, the focus on design is apparent pretty much immediately. Having said that, as someone who has always tried to avoid Beats headphones and their “commitment” to style over substance, the good looks and striking design of these headphones will only carry me so far. The big issue is how well they are constructed, how comfortable they are, and — most importantly — how good they sound.

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From a construction perspective, the headphones are winners. The cable is a woven fabric cable that is soft, flexible but tough. The cable is heavy enough that it won’t get tangled up, but light enough that they won’t pull the earbuds out of your ears the way some cables will. The earbuds themselves are made of plastic, but they feel solid and substantial. My only issue with the construction is the apparent lack of a reinforcement at the point where the cable and the earbuds meet. This, however, may be inaccurate because the reinforcement baby inside the casing and simply not visible from the outside. All in all these are nicely built your buds that have a striking design.

The earbuds ship with one size insert already in place and six different sizes that can be swapped out until you find the perfect fit from both a comfort in a sealed perspective. And inexpensive short clip is also included so that the cable can be held in place with the microphone positioned in the optimal location for conversation.

Here’s what the company has to say about the Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones:

The weightless earbuds with enhanced bass showcase a crystal clear, detailed sound and can be used as a hands free headset with a one-button remote control for Android and other smartphones. Whether it is an MP3-player, a smartphone or a tablet. The powerful 10 mm driver with TFAT* technology features a deep and full bass reproduction coupled with extremely precise upper- and mid-range sound. With the in-ear headphones, there are a wide selection of silicone and foam eartips to suit your specific needs and perfectly isolate your ears from external noise.

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On paper the headphones look rather impressive. 10 mm drivers promise big sound and the company makes it clear that they are tuned to offer substantial base as well. Here’s a rundown of those features.

  • Drivers: 10 mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Frequency response: 10–20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Weight with cable: 15 g

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So everything about these headphones screams quality. They have a unique design, offer plenty of extras that will let you customize the fit and seal, have the kind of cable that is usually found on even more expensive earbuds, and they come with a cool carrying case. In addition, at least on paper, they look like they’re going to be standout earphones. That’s a good thing, considering how incredibly crowded this space is. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that these in ear headphones carry the Lamborghini name.

While the car company is now owned by Audi international, and there is no direct connection between the car company and these earphones, the legacy of design aesthetics that have clearly been inherited from one generation to the next are absolutely apparent in the cachet of the name is worth something even if there is no contractual relationship.

Sadly, when using the headphones I was actually more disappointed than wowed. This video will explain my experience better than I can in writing.

Video Review of the Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones

In short, these new earbuds have a lot to offer. Someone who is design conscious is going to love them. Someone whose heart races when they see the Lamborghini name will also be quite happy. And for certain kinds of music, they are not only good but they are actually fantastic. Unfortunately the degree of inconsistency that I encountered from one genre to another make some problematic for someone like me. I can easily go from listening to down-tempo to classic rock to heavy metal to silly pop music in a single sitting; having ear buds that sound great for some genres but lousy for others isn’t going to cut it. Your experience however may be different.

You can learn more about these earphones, the other two offerings in the new lineup, and all of the different products offered by the company by clicking here.

MSRP: $100

What I Like: Unusual design and excellent build quality; Excellent carrying case included; Huge assortment of different ear inserts included for getting the right fit; Impressive from both a comfort and a fit perspective

What Needs Improvement: Among the most inconsistent performance of headphones I can remember experiencing

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones

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