Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket Review

As someone who likes to use my phone caseless, the Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket Smartphone Case is a great way to keep it protected when it’s not in my hand. The Suede Jacket is a very simple design, made from a combination of suede wrapped around the phone, with an optional mesh pocket on the outside.

The suede feels nice and soft, and has little give if you try to stretch it. This should help prevent it from getting loose over time.

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There are a variety of sizes available depending on your device. Testing the Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket with an LG G2, the case never felt like it was going to let the phone slip out, despite the very slick surface of this particular device.

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Even though this version is for a larger device, it works well with my Motorola Moto X, keeping hold of it almost as well as the LG G2.

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The case extends far enough past the top to offer decent drop protection for the top corners should you somehow lose your grip on it.

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The mesh pocket (as fitted to my review unit) does have plenty of stretch in it, making it easy to slip credit cards, IDs and a few notes in to turn it into a compact wallet. The pocket is about 11cm long, so regular-sized credit cards are a solid 3cm deep.

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Unlike most cases that protect only the sides and back on your device, the Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket covers the screen as well.

It doubles as a screen cleaning cloth, too, with the suede easily dismissing lint, fingerprints and other grease from the display and back of your device.


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I’m occasionally faced with the issue of throwing my phone in a bag where it will be at risk of picking up any number of dings and scratches from errant keys and other devices floating about, a complete non-issue when using the Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket Smartphone Case.

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At $14 with the pocket, and $10 without, the Suede Jacket Smartphone Case is an inexpensive way of keeping your device safe, without sacrificing the in-hand feel when out and about.

The Waterfield Smartphone Suede Jacket Smartphone Case can be purchased from www.sfbags.com

MSRP: from $10

What I Like: Simple design, doubles as a screen cleaner, inexpensive

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

Thanks to Waterfield Design for provide the case for review.

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