Pocket Premium – $44.99 Per Year So Your Content Never Disappears

Online link and content saver Pocket (formerly Read It Later) today unveiled a paid version for $5/mo or $44.99 / year which could be of interest to anyone who frequently saves web content for later review. Unlike the unpaid app version, the  paid edition will automatically download linked pages and create permanent versions of content of links you’ve saved.

This is handier than you might imagine as online pages frequently disappear or are edited. The saved copy of your content that is also synchronized for offline review, which is a great tool for anyone who writes often and uses the saved links as a reference of topics to write about.


I’ve been using the free version of Pocket for the past year. Versions exist for the web, iOS, Android and Chrome. I find it handy to  save links which I would like to review at a later time and for reading that stored content in the rare chance I’m not connected to the Internet. I’ve run into the situation where an online story has been pulled for one reason or another and taking screen captures of every article is not practical.

Whether the permanent copy of saved links is worthwhile to you will probably depend upon how much you rely upon stored links for both archiving and reading offline.

The full content of your saved links can also be reason on the Pocket web site:


Also updated with this paid version is better search. Previously Pocket only searched the Titles and  URL for keywords. Now you are able to search tags, content, author – but only when online. During offline operation you’ll revert back to the old style search of just Title and  URL info.

With a free account, you can search for Titles and URLs, which may limit what you’re able to find. With a Premium upgrade, you can search the full text of articles to get more detailed, accurate results, just like when you search using Google. In addition, you can search by tags, topics, authors, videos, and images.

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