SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Launches on at 75% Off!

When SimCity launched last year, it had ‘issues’ – bugs, online access problems, lack of ‘game’, and more – and the most common ‘solutions’ or suggestions? Go back and play SimCity 4. Released in 2003, it has remained the best city builder game for a decade, and now it is on for only $4.99, 75% off!

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Launches on at 75% Off!

SimCity 4 on GoG

From the description:

SimCity 4™ Deluxe Edition, arguably the deepest and most realistic city-building game to date, is out now on Lauded as the crowning achievement of the genre, the game allows for an in-depth look into the challenges of urban morphology with extraordinary attention to detail (including real-life city landmarks and building models inspired by 20th century architectural styles) and features like traffic management, or public funding distribution.

The deluxe edition includes the Rush Hour expansion pack, and offers an incredible amount of content, and the ability to lose yourself for hours tinkering in the minutia of the world you create. And for the first 72 hours you can get it for 75% off the normal $19.99 price, just $4.99.

Head to now to grab SimCity 4 completely DRM-free for $4.99!

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