Edyn Smart Garden Launches Kickstarter Campaign

It seems like everything these days is hi-tech, except for the great outdoors. Maybe it’s time to change that. The folks at Edyn want to give you a “smart garden” with their new Edyn Kickstarter campaign. Using a combination of WiFi connected devices in the garden and an iOS app, Edyn hopes to revolutionize the way we all garden.


Edyn’s connected garden consists of a solar-powered garden sensor, a solar-powered water valve, and an iOS device. The garden sensor is connected to your home’s wifi network and can give you real-time feedback as to the soil conditions in your garden. The garden sensor can track light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture in order to tell you what types of plants will thrive in your garden. The water valve will work in concert with your garden sensor to automatically water your garden while you sit back and watch your garden blossom.



A smart garden doesn’t come cheap however. In order to get both a garden sensor and a water valve, you’ll need to pledge at least $159 to Edyn’s Kickstarter campaign. But with almost half of their $100,000 goal raised in just one day, it looks like Edyn’s smart garden products will be flying off the shelves once it hits the market. Created by soil scientist and ecologist, Jason Aramburu, Edyn was created with the importance of understanding our environment in mind. Edyn’s products are not only technologically advanced, but the products and app are also beautifully designed by world-class designer Yves Behar.



OK, so how cool is this? I’m sure there will be green thumb purists who believe that an Edyn system in your garden is like steroids in the game of baseball, but for the rest of us who just want a beautiful, smart garden, the Edyn connected garden looks like a home run.  If you’re itching for a hi-tech garden, head over to Edyn’s Kickstarter campaign, right away.

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