The Handiheadset Will Guarantee a Second Look

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The Handiheadset Will Guarantee a Second Look Listen to this article

Can you imagine pulling out the Handiheadset when making a call at the office? Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be much fun, because you might look like someone who’d had an allergic reaction while trying a new hand cream. Even so, if the ‘huge hand to face’ is a look you’ve wanted to rock, you’ll probably love the this.

Making a call on a Handiheadset puts a big smile on everyone’s face. Shaped like an oversized hand giving the ‘call me’ gesture, the Handiheadset plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile phone. It has a built-in microphone and high quality speaker so you can comfortably talk on the phone while giving your friends, colleagues and bystanders a laugh and smile they’ll carry all the way home. 

What? You still want one? Don’t you have enough useless tech that you’ll use once and then never again? Are you a hoarder? Oh, FINE. You can support the Handiheadset’s creation by clicking here.

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