The WearSafe Will Alert Your Closest Contacts in an Emergency

A few weeks ago, I read an article about how a young man by the name of Casey Bennett’s life was saved, courtesy of his Apple Watch in the midst of a car crash. His iPhone slid to a part of the car he could not reach, and with quick thinking, his Apple Watch’s SOS Emergency feature saved the day.


The WearSafe Will Alert Your Closest Contacts in an Emergency

Until this happened, I’d never given much thought that something that might actually save my life Might be worn right on my person. Luckily, there are companies like Wearsafe that are out there trying to take personal safety to the next level.

The WearSafe Will Alert Your Closest Contacts in an Emergency

Wearsafe is a piece of technology that offers up peer-to-peer functionality that seamlessly integrates a wearable and an app together so in the worst case scenario you’re put in a bad situation, the pair will be able to get you a safety solution no matter where you are. The Wearsafe Tag is engineered to sit on your waist, or anywhere you can clip it so that you can easily get help at the press of a button. The water-resistant piece of equipment pairs up with the Wearsafe App (which is free in the App Store or Google Play Store) to be able to signal your exact location to the people who are near and dear to you.

With the Wearsafe app set up, once you press the Tag, after being connected to Bluetooth, you can send an alert to an unlimited network of family and friends. Granted, if you want to send alerts to these people, it does come with a price of $5 a month, however first responders are free. The App itself looks to be very detailed, as you can share your medical information from within the app such as your blood type, disabilities if you have them, and the contacts. In the case where medical responders arrive and you don’t have the ability to respond, your device will give all of the information they need.

Products like these are great, and especially if you are someone who doesn’t have an Apple Watch or smartwatch with an SOS Emergency option, the WearSafe is a more than average substitute that allow the user to get the same type of response with just a simply clip and companion app. I hope they do have maybe a wrist strap option for the WearSafe which to me would be a bit more secure. The company does state, however, that you can pair the app with multiple Tags, which will give you battery status notifications as well which is excellent.

For more information on the WearSafe wearable, you can head over to their site directly today.

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