Corkcicle’s Insulated Waterman Series Containers Are Great for Indoor or Outdoor Purposes

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great canteen, or a tumbler to carry with you daily, or even something to use for that Saturday afternoon out at the pool, look no further than Corkcicle. We reviewed a few of their products last year, so it’s only right we announce Corckcicle’s Waterman series.

Corkcicle's Insulated Waterman Series Containers Are Great for Indoor or Outdoor Purposes

Paying homage to the adventurer in us all, the Corkcicle Waterman Series are two unique containers for your liquids that are essential for a hot summers day, or a cold winter night. Corkcicle sent over both their Canteen, as well as their Tumbler to check out and the bottle has become my go-to travel essentials for my liquids. Each have their own unique features, both are  triple-insulated, vacuum sealed containers. Also made of stainless steel, both feature ergonomic flat sides so you won’t have to worry about them slipping out of your hands while commuting, and the bottom of both help you to avoid slipping, as well as condensation at the base of the cup, perfect for even a desktop. Did I mention they are both are BPA & Lead-free?

Corkcicle's Insulated Waterman Series Containers Are Great for Indoor or Outdoor Purposes

Prior to using the Corkcicle products, I was stuck using paper cups for my coffee in the morning daily for my commute, since Jess tends to take all of the coffee mugs to work and never return them home. With the Waterman Series Tumblr, now in the mornings I can actually commute to work without worrying if the coffee will seep from the sides of the cup, or scorch my hand in the process. What’s more, since the Tumbler stays hot for three hours, I can comfortably carry my coffee with me in the morning, and not have to rush to finish it before it gets too cold. This works opposite for cold products as well, as I’ve used the  Tumbler for water as well, and it keeps my ice from melting, as well as my liquids cold for up to 9 hours. It’s worth mentioning that the Tumblr has a glass-like top which is actually dishwasher safe. Both the Tumbler itself and Canteen, not so much, you’ll want to hand-wash both.

The Canteen though, especially for the summer has become my favorite product that’s not tech related. Having similar features to the Tumbler, since the cap of the Canteen isn’t made of a clear material, this means that liquids stay hotter or colder, for longer. Sitting poolside, my ice water is estimated to stay cold for 25 full hours, even sitting in direct heat. Now, I’ve never sat outside for that long, but in testing, for the four hours I hung out on the pool deck, not only did my ice stay solid, but the water that I did put into the cup the entire time, and I absolutely love it.

If you’re looking for a great container for your hot or cold products, both are available in 16 or 25-ounce options.

The Canteen you can purchase 16oz for $29.95 and 25 oz. for $34.95

The Tumbler by Corkcicle is available in 16oz for $27.95, and 24oz for $32.95.

For more information on all of Corkcicle’s products head over directly to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Ergonomic bottles that are easy to hold; Stainless steel, sothey don’t give your liquids an odd taste

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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