Incipio Charge/Sync Cable with Lightning Connector – Upgrade Your Cable!

How many of you are still using your original Lightning cable? Not me. The one that came with my iPhone 5S bit the dust months ago. Frayed and damaged original cables seem to par for the iOS course, so why not replace yours with an Apple Certified Incipio Charge/Sync Cable with Lightning Connector?

The beauty of it is that these brightly colored and well made cables are twice as long as the Apple branded Lightning cable which sells for basically the same amount — and these will likely last twice as long, too.

Gear Diary Incipio Charge Sync Cable with Lightning Connector

Remember, these are Apple certified as being made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and they will work with any Apple device that has the lightning connector. Unlike the Apple branded cable, the Incipio Charge/Sync comes in eight colors, so you can buy different color cables to help keep arguments from happening about who is using whose cable at home or work.

Gear Diary Incipio Charge Sync Cable with Lightning Connector-001

The only thing that might make these cables better would be if they were available in an even longer 2 meters, but alas. I like the vibrant colors, solid rubber design, and the fact that I get twice as much cable by paying just a dollar more than the OEM version. If you think I am being too harsh about the Apple Lightning Cable, be sure to check out its reviews on the Apple site; “flimsy”, “fragile”, “disappointing” … not good. =P

The Incipio Charge/Sync Cable with Lightning Connector is a winner!

MSRP: $19.99

What I Like: 3.3 feet long (one meter) for the same price as Apple’s 0.5 meter cable; bright colors which make it easy to personalize or keep track of cables; better quality than the originals; Apple certified

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — they work as promised

Source: The Incipio Charge/Sync Cable with Lightning Connector was a manufacturer supplied review sample

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