Us + U Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 and 3 Review

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We reviewed the Us+U Simple Swivel for iPad 2 and 3 some months ago. (Read the review.) I concluded the review with this:

I didn’t think I would be all too impressed by the Simple swivel. I was, I am, and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to use their iPad while standing and/or walking around. No, it will not give you screen protection, but it will protect the rest of the device and hold on to you so you don’t hold onto it.

Well how about this!? We have one of their other cases in hand and it not only offers all the functionality we loved in the Simple Swivel but it also solves the biggest issue we had with the case. You see, the Us + U Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 and 3 has all the swivel-goodness of the previous case but it adds screen protection. Here’s a quick look and a chance for you to win the brand new sample we have in hand.

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From US+U:

The Swivel Pro is a two-panel, lightweight iPad case offering the user an easy, self-adjusting hand strap that’s a ergonomically comfortable way to hold the iPad in one hand at any angle. The Swivel ProFolio iPad case completely encloses the iPad with a fold-over, portfolio style enclosure for a more professional presentation.

The Swivel ProFolio is made of the highest quality, ballistic nylon. It’s an extremely durable material that looks and feels very professional. The interior is fully lined with micro-fiber suede to protect your iPad2 or iPad3.

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stock photo from product page

This picture gives you an idea of where the case comes in most handy. It is a standard portfolio that has a great degree of value added to it thanks to the innovative use of the company’s swivel handgrip.

Here are a few pictures of the sample we will be giving away shortly.

Gear Diary Us+U ProfolioSwivel 007

From the front it looks like a well-made portfolio case. Like the first case we reviewed from Us + U this case is well made and a feeling of quality. No, it isn’t a luxury case but it doesn’t feel cheap either.

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The case is designed in such a war that it holds the iPad in place with zero chance of it slipping out. Like the Simple Swivel it has a frame of material that runs completely around the iPad and holds it securely in place. I like this design as it strikes the right balance between holding the iPad securely AND providing complete screen access. I’m glad they carried it over from the Simple Swivel.

Gear Diary Us+U ProfolioSwivel 008

Having reviewed the Simple Swivel, the rotating hand grip is also familiar. A cursory look might give the impression that this is a cheap, roughly-made system for holding the iPad but when you actually USE it, it is difficult not to be impressed.

Gear Diary Us+U ProfolioSwivel 014

The grip is comfortable on the hand while also holding the case, and by extension the iPad, securely. The rotating swivel moves easily but stays put in whatever position you choose.

Yet again… I’m impressed. More than I expected to be!

Gear Diary Us+U ProfolioSwivel 013

And when you actually go to USE the iPad while in this case you get…

…full access to the iPad

…a secure hold on it without actually having to “hold it”

…and a folio case that works like a folio.

Gear Diary Us+U ProfolioSwivel 010

You also get a folio with a built-in stand for typing.

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And you get a built-in pen/stylus holder.

And if you are wondering what the elastic in the upper corner is, (there is one on the bottom as well), it is used to hold the folio back on itself when using the Swivel.

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And, of course, since this case is designed for use with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, there is a cutout for the camera.

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ROTATING HANDLE: The fully rotating/swiveling handle is completely self-adjusting. The self-adjusting hand strap (handle) is designed to avoid that annoying noise velcro makes. This is a key design feature if you’re ever in a professional situation or simply don’t want people staring at you every time you use your iPad.

WORK MODE: The built-in, flush-mount kickstand is perfect for typing on the iPad’s keyboard or if you want to view the iPad’s screen at a lower angle. The Swivel ProFolio’s typing kickstand also has a convenient center cutout just incase you want to use your iPad while resting it on one leg.

VIDEO MODE: The Swivel ProFolio’s design accommodates multiple upright angles for watching videos or using your iPad in a more upright viewing angle. The ability to adjust the upright angle is key to any iPad cases’ versatility. Whether you’re reading, sitting at a desk or laying in bed, the correct angle of viewing always enhances the experience.

PEN HOLDER: The built-in pen or stylus holder on the side for he Swivel ProFolio iPad case is made of elastic and will accommodate almost any pen or stylus on the market today.

POCKET: The external pocket on the front of the Swivel ProFolio iPad case is convenient for holding business cards, notes, receipts, etc… Because this iPad case will hold a pen/stylus the packet is perfect for holding a small note pad just incase you need to jot down a note quickly.

OPENINGS: All of the essential openings on the Swivel ProFolio iPad case are as they should be…those opening include both front and rear facing cameras, volume, screen lock, docking, speaker and on/off buttons are fully accessible. We even left the light sensor uncovered, something other cases fail to do.

I’m impressed with the Us + U Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 and 3. It isn’t the most luxurious case we have reviewed and, at $70 it certainly isn’t the least expensive, but it does offer great protection while also offering a host of ways to hold and use your iPad. You can learn more or order yours here, on the company website.

Better still… we’re going to give this review sample away in this week’s newsletter.

MSRP: $69.99

What I Like: Well made; Quite flexible from the perspective of use; Simple; Offers good protection; All the benefits of a portfolio case plus the ease of one-handed use

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. This is a great case although the $70 price tag on a non-leather case might scare some people off

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