Marco Minnemann Announces Solo CD ‘Eeps’ on Lazy Bones Records

The first time I wrote about Marco Minnemann was in the context of Trey Gunn composing against a 52-minute drum solo by Minnemann in 2010. Then last year Minnemann was back as part of the Levin-Minnemann-Rudess trio, producing an incredible collection of music with appeal across jazz fusion, experimental and metal genres. Now he returns with a solo recording ‘EEPS’!

Marco Minnemann - EEPS

Marco Minnemann – EEPS

For ‘EEPS’, Minnemann takes his multi-instrumental skills to the extreme, playing all instruments and being intimately involved with the recording. Scott Schorr and Lazy Bones Recordings is behind the production, so you know it will sound great!

EEPS is available for pre-order now as a CD with 3 exclusive tracks. Here are a few details:

– A signature sound and cohesive vibe of melodic rock, experimental/avant garde and prog. with a few pop songs thrown into the mix.
– Not only an incredible drummer, but Marco is a great multi-instrumentalist. He played all the instruments on this record.
– CD includes 15 tracks + 3 bonus cuts exclusive to CD
– Produced by Scott Schorr and Marco Minnemann for Lazy Bones Recordings

Get more details from Marco Minnemann’s site or from Lazy Bones Recordings!

Release Date: JULY 9, 2014

Pre-Release Deal: The First 1,000 CDs are autographed by Marco – preorder here!

EPPS track listing:

1. Cheap as F**k and Awesome As Hell (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
2. OC DC
3. Eeps (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
4. Live Ghost
5. Soul Dance
6. Obvious (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
7. Right on Time and Out of Tune (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
8. Sushi Cat Doll
9. Sunshine
10. The Split
11. Painter
12. Dead Ghost
13. Douche (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
14. Synthetic Swans (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
15. When I Was Gone

Bonus Cuts (Exclusive to CD):
16. 360 Degrees (mixed by Marco Minnemann)
17. Talking About LMR
18. Villain Vultures

Check out this audio sampler:

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