Sony E3 2014 – “It’s All About the Games!”


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At Sony E3 2014, the concentration was apparent from the beginning – games! “After all guys,” Shawn Layden, the new head of PlayStation America said near the end of the presentation, “it’s all about the games, isn’t it?” Some serious gear and service announcement where also made including a “glacial white” 500 GB PlayStation 4 bundle including the upcoming sci-fi space shooter Destiny from developer Bungie (HALO) and publisher Activision will release on September 9.

Destiny will also release an “alpha beta on Thursday, June 12 then a multiplayer beta on July 17. PlayStation 4 players will also get exclusive Destiny day-one content like character customization options and special weapons.

Sony E3 2014 – Presentation Summary

Sony had even more hardware announcements like their online game-streaming service, PlayStation Now (currently in beta; open beta coming to PS4 on July 31), the virtual reality headset Project Morpheus (with two playable games called Jurassic Encounter and Street Luge), and new PlayStation TV streaming service module.

PlayStation Now will also release on select Sony televisions later this year (PlayStation DualShock controller(s) required) while Sony also announced the graphic novel Powers would be part of their original programming. Brian Michael Bendis gave more details about this live action television series.

Sony E3 2014 – Presentation Summary

The stand-alone PlayStation TV will be $99, or $139 with a controller with more than 1,000 titles available at launch including remote play capabilities to play PS4 games through local Wi-Fi. The portable size (2.5 by 4.1 inches) creates nice mobile features while still packing plenty of entertainment content that will also include movies, TV shows and music.

More Free-to-play games are on the way (more than 25) in next 12 months including Planetside 2 while the PlayStation 4 playroom will get more free downloadable content. Gamers will also get new, expanded social gaming features through Twitch/Ustream where they could “help or harm” other players.

Sony E3 2014 – Presentation Summary

Little Big Planet 3 will also release later this year with new characters, and flying abilities. Most importantly, previous create levels from the first two amazing installments will be playable with automatically updated graphics! Ratchet & Clank will get a PlayStation remake of the original game and film early next year.

High profile gameplay videos include the PlayStation 4 exclusive actioner The Order: 1886 (coming Feb 20), Far Cry 4 and Mortal Kombat X. Grand Theft Auto V will debut on the PS4 this fall (also coming to PC and Xbox One) while new Infamous DLC (titled First Light) will release this August.

New preview videos included Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. Gameplay demos included the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight and Far Cry 4, which will feature cooperative or competitive play with one other player. Other game showcases included Bloodborne and fighter Let it Die while second series announcements included Dead Island 2, Disney Infinity 2 and Magicka 2: Learn to Spell.

More original, famous franchise and high-profile PlayStation Vita games were lacking a bit, but Sony did announce Minecraft (co-op included), Tales of Hearts R,  Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Guns Up!, a side scrolling action game that’s free.

Independent showcases included the underwater adventure ABZU (combining “water” and “to know”) and spaceship exploring game No Man’s Sky. Entwined was announced and is available now for PlayStation 4 (coming to PS3 and PSVita in July). This unique game is about “two souls who are in love but can’t be together” where players control events using the two analog sticks on the controller.

Sony also included a Press Conference Post Show at the end. So, do you think Sony keeps their perch on the top of the video gaming world?

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