SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones Review

If you listen work out to music, you know that the right pair of headphones make all the difference. Whether you have in-ear or On-ear headphones they have to be comfortable and stay put. Oh, and they have to sound good too. Right? The new SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones are comfortable, stay put and sound awesome.The headphones are available in three different colors – yellow, blue and pink with the accent colors not only on the your cups and the headband but also used on the logo. The bright colors are definitely noticeable but not totally obnoxious. Specifically designed for use during physical activities, the headphones are sweat proof and carry and IPX4 rating. That means they are rated “for full resistance to water and sweat.” In other words, these are not headphones that you want to dunk into the water but some moisture (read… Sweat) shouldn’t be a problem.

The headphones have an MSRP of $179.95 but you can purchase them [Affiliate Link] here for ten dollars less.

SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones

SMS Audio describes the headphones by stating, “Meet your new workout partner.” They go on:

Introducing the new Sport version of the STREET by 50™ On-Ear Headphone. This remarkable combination of class leading technology and studio mastered sound is perfect for the listener that won’t sacrifice quality sound for an active lifestyle. These wired headphones feature supple, stitched perforated-leather and comfortable memory foam cushions.

Inside the box you’ll find a hard-shell carrying case, the headphones themselves, a detachable cable with a three click microphone, a sports tell, washable cushion covers, and owners manual and a product brochure. The washable cushion covers make sense since you can’t put the headphones in the laundry and the sports towel is a cute add-in that reinforces the fact that these headphones were designed as on your wired sports headphones.


Because these headphones were designed for use in places such as the gym they need to be tough. They are. The headband and earcups are treated with a rubberized coating that resists chips, scratches and fingerprints. I was, in fact, surprised by how well they resisted fingerprints and wished every company would use whatever anti-fingerprint process was employed here. The hinges on both earcups are quite solid and lock into place with an audible click. The headband feels solid and is something that should put up with a good bit of use and abuse. Overall the design and build of the SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones clearly reflects the purpose for which these headphones were built. And yet… Despite being incredibly well-built they are also surprisingly light. That’s especially good since you will be wearing these when you’re on the treadmill!

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What is striking about these headphones is the fact that Elana liked wearing them. She really (REALLY!!) doesn’t like on-ear or over-the-ear headphones and barely tolerates in-ear Yurbuds. And yet… after using these at the gym one day she came home and told me she was beyond impressed. Moreover, she had a gym friend of hers who also tends to hate wearing headphones try them out and he too loved them.

Reading up on the headphones a bit more I learned why the liked the SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones. You see, the company designed the ear cups in a rather unique way. As they explain,

Our patented oval fit design of matches the shape and angle of your ears perfectly. The perforated leather is cool and durable, while the soft memory foam cushions are comfortable enough to wear all day.

In other words, a subtle design tweak in the ear cups – something that you won’t notice unless you’re looking for it – makes a huge difference. Rather than being perfectly circular the ear cups are a little bit taller than they are wide. The results are headphones that sit on the ears more securely and more comfortably than most. Both Elana and her friend are proof of it working.

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I was impressed with the build of the SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones . I was also impressed with their design.

Video Look at the SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones

Of course none of this matters if the headphone sound like crap. Thankfully, these headphones do not sound like crap. In fact, these headphones sound quite good. No, I don’t think I would pick these up as my go-to headphones but then again I have the luxury of being able to choose from more than a dozen pair of medium to high-end headphones. These do, however, more than satisfy and if you were to purchase these as your only headphones I don’t think most people would be dissatisfied. To the contrary, I think most people would find them to be great at the gym and on the subway and at home and while sitting in the park. In other words these are sports headphones that could be your only headphones. At a price of $179.95 that’s a good thing.

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So how good are these headphones? Elana asked me if I’d be willing to give the review sample to her friend at the gym because he has continued to speak about his brief time with them so enthusiastically. Something tells me that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the SMS Audio Street by 50 On-Ear-Wired Sport Headphones

What I Like: Tough but light; Comfortable; Stay in place; Sound good; Nice protective case and good extras

What Needs Improvement: All three colors are bright and stand out

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