iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery Is Small, Light, and Bright

Every now and then a small, relatively simple accessory comes along that impresses in a surprising and unexpected way. The iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery is one such accessory. At under $30 the device is both an external charger and a flashlight. It works well as both and is a great combination worthy of a spot in your gear bag.The battery even comes in four different colors. I would normally go with black but was sent one of the red units for review. I love it! Check out all the colors here.

iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery

What most surprised me was just how solid the iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery is. It feels like a slab of metal… In a good way.

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As iFrogz explains:

The GoLite lights your way and quickly charges your smartphone. The 2600mAh modeldelivers enough portable power to charge virtually any smartphone, while the 7800mAh version can charge everything from smartphones to tablets. Simply plug your device into its USB outlet and enjoy fast, convenient recharging. The Golite is also designed to be easy to pack. Sleek and small, it goes anywhere and delivers when you need it. And with its bright LED flashlight, you’ll never be stuck searching in the dark for your keys or that rogue paper you need. Never be frustrated by a dead battery again! Pick up a GoLite today and enjoy a lifetime of portable power.

Video Review of the iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery

As I point out in the video, my only complaint about the battery is the three position switch. More than once I turned the charging functionality on when I meant to turn it completely off. That’s not a good thing and I will definitely have to be careful lest I inadvertently find myself without the external charge I was depending upon.


  • Rechargeable: The GoLite features a rechargeable 2600mAh or 7800mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • Bright: A built-in LED flashlight is ideal for low-light situations.
  • Convenient: Its USB charging is perfect for most devices.
  • Compact: Its slim design is easy to pack and store.

This is a fantastic little accessory  that makes a great gift and should be a popular stocking stuffer for the tech-loving person in your life this season.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the iFrogz GoLite 2600 Battery

What I Like: Small; Solid; Bright color; Works well as both a flashlight and an external battery

What Needs Improvement: The three position switch is not ideal and can easily be turned to “charge” rather than “off”

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