Chrome Motor Series Lineup Looks Sleek and Functional

It is always fun when Chrome announces a new line of bags. Their offerings are always among the best made, the most stylish and the most functional. The new Chrome Motor Series lineup is no exception. The new line includes the Barrage, the Citizen, the Tool Roll, and the Dirt Bag. Admit it, even the names are cool.Each Chrome Motor bag is built with the company’s proprietary HD Ballistic Nylon. It is 3x more heat-resistant and 4x more abrasion resistant than typical Ballistic Nylons. Oh, and it is waterproof.

MotorFamily High

As the company explains,

Chrome Motor was born from our passion for all things two-wheeled, and informed by our conversations with friends who ride motorcycles like it’s their job; friends like the gang at See See Motor Coffee Co. When we decided to make our Chrome Motor Series, Thor and his crew at See See were our first call. They were a huge help in developing, testing, and generally beating the sh*t out of our Chrome Motor Bags.

Each bag also has Windproof strap keepers and stabilizing straps that keep the bags where they belong. And since these bags are meant for riders, it is important that these straps also help minimize distracting noises at high speeds. Chrome also saw fit to add specific tool pockets to carry basic wrenches, tire gauges, spark plugs, and toll transponders, for carefree ride. Yes, this new line is not about high fashion. It is about getting your gear to your destination safely as you enjoy the ride.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Chrome Motor series line.

Barrage Motor Hero


Chrome describes their Motor Series Barrage this way:

There is only one way to make a bag truly waterproof – by welding its seams. For the Barrage Rolltop we combined a Welded-Waterproof floating bucket with an abrasion resistant HD Ballistic Nylon outer shell to make the toughest waterproof rolltop possible. It features a low-profile design and side compression straps for load stabilization and increased visibility, and a Welded-Waterproof bucket liner that can keep personal items bone dry in any weather. The Barrage adapts to accommodate a range of cargo. The main compartment expands from 22L to 34L and features an expandable cargo net with compression straps for securing various cargo shapes and sizes. Each Barrage is made with military grade materials and specifications. The 100% Welded-Waterproof bucket liner is made with 600 denier truck tarpaulin. The abrasion resistant outer shell is made with HD Ballistic Nylon.

Barrage Motor Buildout


  • Integrated tool panel keep tools organized and accessible
  • 100% Welded-Waterproof rolltop closure accommodates a range of load sizes
  • Dual compartments separate wet/dry cargo
  • Industrial strength Velcro accessory mounting shoulder strap
  • Easy access side bottle pockets
  • Interior sleeve pockets fits 15” Macbook Pro(laptop sleeve recommended)

Yes, this is a serious backpack that is especially designed for the biker who needs to carry a laptop, some gear and, of course, an assortment of tools. It has an MSRP of $240. Learn more here.



If a backpack isn’t your style you may want to check out the Motor Series Citizen messenger bag. Like the Barrage, this bag is serious about riding and protecting gear. It doesn’t look all that special from the outside but the benign exterior hides a bag that is ready to ride.

Our iconic heritage buckle bag made for the unique demands of riding a motorcycle. Our proprietary HD Ballistic™ Nylon specially developed to resist heat, abrasion and weather. Integrated strap keepers and fasteners minimize distracting noise and flapping at high speeds. Military grade 18 oz. truck tarpaulin floating bucket liner and load stabilizing compression straps. Made in in our factory in Chico California by bag makers with an average of 18 years experience. Guaranteed for Life.



  • Integrated tool pocket and quick access tool pass pocket
  • Windproof strap keepers
  • Iconic quick release seatbelt buckle with integrated bottle opener
  • Daisy chain mounting loops for attaching carabiner or bike lights
  • Industrial strength Velcro accessory mounting shoulder strap
  • Internal fasteners for securing Chrome laptop and tactical sleeves
  • Accommodates up to 17″ laptop

Great design, good protection and pockets to keep tools organized. It has an MSRP of $200 and will definitely impress!

The series also has a few accessories available.

MotorDirtBag Front


The simple dirt bag is designed to help keep shop rag, oil and greasy parts separate from the rest of your gear. Sized to carry one quart of oil plus small rags and parts. It features a Velcro rolltop closure and has an MSRP of $40. Motor_ToolRoll_Front.jpg

Finally, Chrome is also offering the Motor Series Tool Roll. This heavy-duty tool roll has nine vertical wrench and driver pockets, a large zippered pocket, and a magnetic pocket to keep loose bolts and screws from rolling away. A webbing system fixes securely to most motorcycle frames along seat rails, sissy, or handlebars.


Yes, the new Chrome Motor Series Lineup is serious about riding and promises to help you hit the road in style.

Check out the entire Chrome Motor Series Lineup here.

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