Orbino Pantera for iPhone 6 Plus in Stingray; Pretty Fabulous!

I recently received my Orbino Pantera for iPhone 6 Plus order, and it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cases I’ve ever used. Mine is the special edition stingray with black Tuscan leather sides; I opted not to go with the snake skin sides it usually comes with. It’s pretty fabulous!

Orbino Pantera for iPhone 6 Plus in Stingray; Pretty Fabulous!

I can’t stop touching and staring at it.

I reviewed the Orbino Pantera Cinque case back when I was on the iPhone 5 and then the 5S; that case is still getting use on a friends iPhone 5S (that’s how well they hold up through hard use). This case is basically the same, except it has an opening on the home button for Touch ID.

Packaging for the Pantera case is distinctive and ready for gift giving, as usual.

The front and back of the Orbino Pantera case are composed of hand cut and stitched black stingray skins, or shagreen, as it is also known. The stingray skin looks like beautifully textured little pearls, and when the light hits the case they pick up the light, glow a bit, and practically sparkle (in a non-glittery way).

The Orbino Pantera perfectly fits the iPhone 6 Plus; all buttons, ports, microphones, speakers, and the camera are left uncovered and accessible. The front flap covers and protects the screen when you aren’t using the phone, but it folds back out of the way when you need access to the screen.

Of course, there’s a price to pay for all this finery; the Orbino Pantera for iPhone 6 Plus in Stingray is $399, or roughly 42% of the off-contract price for a new 128GB iPhone 6 plus before tax.  Tuscan leather ($199) as well as ostrich leg ($309) and crocodile ($399) versions are also available in a multitude of colors.

You can order your Orbino Pantera for the iPhone 6 Plus (and several other iPhone models) directly from the case maker.

Source: Discounted personal purchase

What I Like: Beautiful Italian leathers in a handmade case; stingray is unique and lovely; Orbino Pantera case fits the iPhone 6 Plus perfectly

What Needs Improvement: The slot for the sync & charge cable may not fit all aftermarket cables; it’s expensive

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  1. Whence this idea that a screen protector protects against cracked screens? I don’t get it. A thin film – even a hard one – will do little except protect against scratches. Most phones, when dropped, fall on a corner, and that is much more likely why your screen didn’t crack.

    • It seems that when my phone drops, it’s pretty evenly spread between corners (which is why I use a case) and flat on the screen (which is why I use protectors).

      Considering I hear horror stories of dropped phones with cracked screens nearly every day, yet I have dropped my phone plenty of times and have never had a cracked screen myself, I figure that the screen protectors are doing their job.

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