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February 4, 2014 • Gear Bits

Touch Your Phone and Go with the Touch-Clip Silicone Stand

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Here’s a rather neat smartphone accessory that is remarkably simple. USBFever’s Touch-Clip Silicone Stand is an inexpensive and low-profile stand that attaches to your smartphone’s back. When you need to prop the phone up you simply touch the stand in the middle and it pops into action. Best of all it is just $2.99.Screenshot 2014 02 04 08 43 56

With a simply touch the stand springs open and it ready to go to work. The Touch-Clip Silicone Stand is a handy, space-saving silicone smartphone stand that comes in a variety of colors. Under the silicone surface, there is a thin steel enabling the stand to be easily opened by one touch. It also helps you to hold your smartphone more firmly.

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“The most space-saving smartphone/tablet stand in the market”, the Touch-Clip Stand

  • Occupies almost no space
  • Is light weight
  • Works as a smartphone stand for movie-viewing
  • Functions as a smartphone ring to hold the smartphone
  • Comes in ten different colors

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  1. Duncan says:

    How does it compare to using aviator glasses as a stand?

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