Logitech protection[+] for iPhone 6 Protects and Holds

Logitech offers a wide range of impressive products. One of the newest is the Logitech protection[+] for iPhone 6. This inexpensive case offers good protection for the iPhone 6 in a thin, relatively light package. It also works with the company’s line of magnetic mounts. I’m surprised by how impressed I am with this case and can’t wait for one to be released for the iPhone 6+.

Logitech protection[+] for iPhone 6

The Logitech protection[+] for iPhone 6 offers a surprisingly good amount of protection thanks to a number of key design features. As Logitech explains, these include:

  • Ultra-protective outer shell: To help protect iPhone 6 from bumps, scratches, and slips, protection [+] has a durable polycarbonate exterior shell with soft touch finish.
  • Shock-absorbent corners: Falls often happen at an angle, so protection [+] has shock-absorbent polymers embedded in all four corners of the case. These polymers help dissipate and spread shocks across the case to help minimize the force of an impact.
  • Impact channels: The inner TPR layer and impact channels add flexibility to protection [+] while helping to absorb “bad energy” from drops and bonks, helping to keep your iPhone 6 looking new.

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All of these come together to create a case that exceeds military drop standard (MIL STD 810G) while also looking nice and avoiding the need to be a huge, bulky block of iPhone protection.

Here’s our video review of the Logitech protection [+] for iPhone 6:

I like this case a lot. It is surprisingly inexpensive, offers impressive protection and has the advantage of a metal plate built into the back. This plate adds to its rigidity but, more importantly, it lets the case work with Logitech’s various magnetic mounts. That makes it a winner in my book and something worth checking out. Learn more here.

Source: Manufacturers review sample of the Logitech protection [+] for iPhone 6

What I Like: Thin; Light; Protective; Great drop protection; Works with Logitech mounts

What Needs Improvement: Not currently available for the iPhone 6+

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