Griffin Reflect Mirrored Case for iPhone 3G Review

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Do you have a white iPhone and are sometimes jealous of the black?  Do you have a black iPhone and want to protect it while maintaining a little bit of its original look and style.  The combination of black and chrome is undeniably a sexy one and the Griffin Reflect Mirrored case from Griffin Technology puts the two together in a sleek and functional case for the iPhone 3G.

If you’re familiar with Griffin’s iClear case, this one has the same shape and design. The Griffin Reflect case, however, has a mix of black and chrome to make it a really sharp looking case.  (It reminds me of the Blackberry Bold’s black and chrome look and I’m a huge big fan of the look! )

Included with the case are a screen protector with instructions on how to apply it and a cleaning cloth.


Installation of the case is a snap.  Literally.  Its a two piece design and the pieces snap together around the iPhone.  To install it you first place your iPhone into the bottom portion of the case making sure all the buttons and ports are lined up with their respective cut-outs.


You then lay the top mirrored bezel over the phone and snap it into place along the four corners.


Once installed the bezel shines brightly with a chrome look.


Although the back is black it’s translucent and when the light hits it you can make out the Apple logo.  The black back is rubbery in texture and offers a nice amount of added grip.


The case has generous cut outs for all of the iPhone’s ports and buttons.




Removal of this case is somewhat unique.  You use a small coin to pry the two pieces apart.  The case has a slot on the bottom corner for the coin.  If you’re someone who likes to change cases on the fly make sure you bring a coin along.


The Griffin Reflect Mirrored case fits the iPhone like a glove.  No creeks, no movement, no loose parts.  It’s a stylish looking case that offers a nice amount a protection and the added bonus of a tacky back for grip.

The Griffin Reflect Mirrored case is available from the Griffin Technology web site.

M.S.R.P. – $24.99

What I like – Black and chrome are a nice combination, translucent black back cover, great fit.

What I don’t like – Removal process.

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