Lifeproof Cases Proves Customer Service Isn’t Dead!

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Lifeproof Cases Proves Customer Service Isn't Dead! Listen to this article

Sarah has had a bad run of iPhones drowning due to toddler curiosity. Luckily, a friend of ours was generous enough to pass along a Lifeproof Nuud case that he wasn’t using anymore, and her phone has thankfully not drowned in a while. But it still needed more protection, and that’s where the company’s excellent customer service came into play.iPhone-5C-Overview-English-LifeProof.png

We wanted to slap a screen protector on it too, so I called the company to order one of their $9.99 iPhone 5 screen protectors. The rep asked when we purchased our case, and I explained it wasn’t purchased but a hand-me-down. To my surprise, the rep answered that was fine, he would go ahead and send us a free screen protector for the case! Lifeproof clearly takes their customer’s needs and satisfaction very seriously, even well after purchase (and subsequent ownership!)

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4
It you are looking for a waterproof case, you should definitely consider Lifeproof; they take care of their customers!

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