Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones Deliver In-Ear Comfort and Sound

If you are in the market for a new pair of in-ear headphones make sure you check out the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones. These small in-ear earphones have a comfortable design, an accessible price and put out surprisingly impressive sounds. They are a well-rounded package that costs under $70. If you are in the market I highly recommend them.

Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones

Marshall Headphones describes the Mode in-ear headphones this way:

Mode offers huge sound in a small package. Customized drivers deliver high-output sound at a minimal distortion. And the unique in-ear design anchors to your ear, while still providing a comfortable fit.


The earphones have an unassuming black design that fades into the background. As Marshall Headphones proudly notes, the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones have a unique angled design similar to what we have seen on some of the Phiaton in-ear earphones we have reviewed. The design not only makes them extremely comfortable but it also anchors the earbuds in place without the need to have them putting a larger amount of pressure on your ear itself. Once I found the properly sized jacket for my ears the seal they created was effective at holding the Modes in place and sealing out external sound. (I will note that removing the jackets that were too small and installing the properly sized ones was a bit of a task. That, however, translates to the fact that the jackets grab hold of the Modes with a strong and entirely sealed grip.)


The inline remote works well and is located at the junction of the two earbuds coming together. It not only allows them to reinforce a potential point of physical failure but it places the control in a logical position when you go hunting for it by feel. This is the ideal location for such a control and I’m not sure why a company would put it anywhere else.


The metal shirt clip is another nice touch. The microphone is separate from the remote and is located on the left earbud’s cord and lands right next to my mouth when I am using the headphones. Again, the location and design are perfect.

Here are some impressions of the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones based on recent listening.

Artist: Vargo
Track: Awakening
Impressions: Vargo is ambient electronica with a clean sound, pronounced guitar and forward vocals. The vocals came through with impressive clarity and, at times, almost sounded like the singer was singing right next to me. The guitar had a clarity that added to the intended meditative sound. All in all the track came through with amazing clarity and excellent balance.

Artist: Linkin Park
Track: When They Come From Me
Impressions: By design the song is a bit on the “grungy” side and that comes through when heard through the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphone. The vocals and heavy drum beat meld together. This, however, is in keeping with the song so I don’t see it as a shortcoming of the headphones.

Artist: Above and Beyond
Track: Thing Called Love
Impressions: The instruments are “gentle” and that is reflected in the way they are presented while the vocals come through with excellent clarity and sit a bit forward of the instruments. It makes for a nice balance that let the subtleties in the track come through.

Artist: Trixie Whitley
Track: Pieces
Impressions: Trixie Whitley is one of my all time favorite artists thanks to her smokey and powerful voice. The headphones handled her voice and the subtle instrumentation supporting it quite well on this track and made for a truly enjoyable experience.

Artist: Donald Fagan
Track: I’m Not the Same Without You
Impressions: If you haven’t listened to Donald Fagan’s Sunken Condos you are missing out. 🙂 This track has more layers than I know what to do with. Fagan’s vocals come through as if he is singing effortlessly, the layers of instrumentation all come through in a clean, distinct manner. When the track hits the chorus numerous voices come in to harmonize with Fagan and all can easily be identified if you try to hone in on one to the exclusion of the others.

My point in running through these songs is simple- these in-ear headphones are excellent and reflect Marshall’s musical prowess. They handle an assortment of styles of music with aplomb and make for an extremely enjoyable experience. For my musical tastes they seem to handle electronica and its forward vocals and clean instrumentation best but they are able to handle pretty much anything thrown at them.

Features of the Marshall Headphones Mode In-Ear Headphones:
  • MICROPHONE: Mode features an updated microphone design that eliminates undesired feed-back and microphonics.
  • REMOTE: Click once to answer incoming calls or to hang up as well as play and pause your music. Click to twice to fast forward your music. Click three times to rewind
  • SIZE SLEEVES: Mode comes with four different size sleeves, allowing you to find that perfect fit.
  • L-PLUG – 3.5 MM: The L-Plug design offers a more durable driver: 9mm connection to your device. The plug is compatible with any music player that receives a 3.5mm jack.

Technical Info:

  • 9mm Drivers
  • Impedance39 OHM @ 1khz
  • Frequency Range: 20 HZ – 20 KHZ
  • Sensitivity: 100MV@1 KHZ – 99DB

What makes the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphone stand out isn’t just the way it handles any musical style thrown at them. No, that is impressive but when you add in the amazingly comfortable fit and the way you can all but forget you are wearing them you get a pair of headphones that are an absolute joy.

I should, however, note that the angled design simply didn’t work for Elana. That suggests to me that these headphones won’t convert a non-in-ear headphone fan into one. For people like me who like the in-ear design however these are a home run. Learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Marshall Headphones Mode Headphones

What I Like: Exceptionally comfortable; Sound great, especially with electronica; Remote and microphone are solid and feature a quality metal clip for keeping them in place

What Needs Improvement: Nothing and I’m very impressed with what Marshall has done here. I can’t wait to try the Mode EQ and their on and over the ear headphones

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