Underwater Audio iPod Bundle Lets Your Music Swim with the Fishes

I just arrived in Aruba for our annual week of timeshare vacation. This year I came with a few items that will let me continue to enjoy my music in the water and a key part of that is the Underwater Audio bundle I was sent some weeks ago. In it is a waterproof iPod shuffle and a pair of waterproof headphones. Let’s check them out.



In the bundle are:

  • Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio with a two-year warranty
  • Extra-short cord Swimbuds Sport Waterproof headphones with a one year warranty
  • FREE iFloatie Open Water System
  • Coupon for a FREE download of a 30-minute audio workout with Rebecca Soni ($30 value)

We’ve previously checked out the waterproof iPod from Underwater Audio but it is worth a second look. That is especially true since, this time, the shuffle came bundled with a new pair of waterproof earphones that should make it even better.

What makes the Underwater Audio iPod shuffle stand out is the fact that it is rendered 100% waterproof thanks to a proprietary process. No special case is needed to keep it safe when fully immersed. Funny thing is, if you were to look at the iPod shuffle without knowing that it was waterproof you would just think it was… An iPod shuffle.


Can you tell the difference?

Yes, the waterproofing process doesn’t change the appearance of the 2gb shuffle at all. It does make the button a bit more resistant and, as a result, harder to press but that is something you get used to rather quickly.

From Underwater Audio:

Underwater Audio created a waterproof iPod shuffle that you can take from land to sea and anywhere in between. Specially created for swimmers, water enthusiasts, and runners who exercise in all elements, this 2 GB iPod shuffle has the latest design and user friendly features, with the extra element of being 100% waterproof! Using a unique propriety process, Underwater Audio delivers a watertight music player from the inside out.

Video Look at the Underwater Audio

Thing is, since this iPod shuffle looks, feels and functions just like any other iPod shuffle I recommend it to any and everyone in the market for a shuffle. Sure you’ll pay more for the waterproofed shuffle but having to replace just one iPod shuffle you dropped in the water makes this shuffle worth the added price. (You hear me Michael Kay???)

For me the big change with this bundle from Underwater Audio is the earbuds. The last time we checked out this company’s offerings they included earbuds that was waterproof and, to be honest, sounded like it. If you wanted to wear earbuds in the water they were better than nothing but, from the perspective of the listening experience, they really weren’t great.

The new earbuds were designed to sound better and stay in place better as well.

From the company:

Redesigned from the ground up, the Swimbuds Sport headphones offer more of what our customers ask for: Better fit, greater comfort, and a rugged design. Each headphone comes with multiple swimming earplugs so you can find your best fit. Swimbuds Sport headphones offers serious fit for the serious aquatic athlete. Swimbuds Sport retain our signature short cord. Designed to stay put during flip-turns and the most rigorous aquatic workout, it means fewer interruptions and more time underwater.

By including a wide range of different earbud attachments Underwater Audio lets one product meet a variety of needs.

Included in the package are “Trees”, “Fines”, “Ergos” and “Mushrooms.”

The Trees were designed for lap swimmers. These attachments provide maximum noise isolation and completely seal your ear so no water can’t get inside.

The Fins are the blue earbuds and were designed for lap swimming and other water sports. These attachments are said to fit the widest variety of ears. As the company notes, “If trees don’t work for you, Fins likely will.”

The clear Ergos come in 4 sizes. These earbuds were designed to let you hear ambient noises while wearing the headphones. This makes them a better, not to mention safer, option if you are wearing the earbuds when out for a run or a bike ride. Despite allowing outside noise in however the company claims they while stay put when you are on the go.

The last included design are the Mushrooms. These earbuds were designed for use for normal, terrestrial activities. If you primarily plan to use the earbuds when you are out of the water these will likely be the right choice for you.


With so many different options for customizing the earphones to your taste, comfort and activity it can be a bit intimidating to get things up and running. That noted, I think it is worth the time investment required to find the solution that is going to be most comfortable and serve your intended activity best.

Buy them!!!


There are two other items rounding out this bundle from Underwater Audio.

The first is the inclusion of an “iFloatie open water system.” As they explain it,

When the water is rough and you want to safeguard your investment, the iFloatie system adds the security of extra protection, tether and high visibility buoy.

Finally, my review bundle included a free download of the audio tracks ‘Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni’. This audio guide offers a variety of tips on breathing, stretching, alignment and strokes from Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni.

So in the bundle were:

An Apple iPod (4th Gen, 2 GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio

  • The original Apple USB cable and earbuds
  • One pair Swimbuds Sport waterproof headphones
  • 1 Swimbuds Sport zipper case for protecting your headphones and waterproof iPod.
  • 4 varieties of earbuds including Trees, Fins, Ergos (4 sizes), and Mushrooms.
  • 1 white 39-inch waterproof extension cord for length when you need it.
  • iFoatie Open Water System
  • A Coupon code for 30-minute swim workout and 22 quick swimming tips with Rebecca Soni

I like the iPod shuffle a great deal and am happy to have it for my walks and runs on the beach. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about getting the MP3 player wet is nice. At the same time, since I have an assortment of products from the waterproof Sony Xperia Z line (that’s for an upcoming post) I really don’t need the shuffle save for the fact that the shuffle is so small, light and solid that I can bring it along and all but forget it.


The earbuds are a definite step in the right direction but still leave something to be desired. They are, however, good enough that I love the review sample and my cousin Jamie wants a pair. His birthday is this week so I think I’ll be ordering him a set when we get home. (Update: Make that two sets.) You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Totally waterproof; iPod shuffle looks like any other iPod shuffle; New headphones come with an assortment of attachments for comfort and fit;

What Needs Improvement: iPod buttons a bit harder to push; New headphones are a huge improvement but still leave something to be desired; iPod shuffle is still just a 2GB iPod shuffle; At $199 costs a significant premium over simply buying a non-waterproofed iPod

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