Marshall Headphones iPhone 5S Case Review

The name Marshall is usually held in high regards with most musicians. The iconic amplifier and headphone brand has been cranking out epic sound as long as instruments have been electrified. They currently offer an iPhone 5S case for just $20. You can now wrap your iPhone in the look and feel of the famous Marshall amps. Let’s take a look.

While I have never owned a Marshall product, it is one of my life goals to one day be the proud owner of a Marshall stack amp. There is something about that simple, cursive font that warms my heart and just screams guitar mojo. The look and feel of a Marshall amp is depicted perfectly in the case design. While the logos speaks for itself, there is even a raised area around the letters just like seen on the amplifiers. It really does look and feel just like the amp I want so bad!


While the look of the case is for sure the main selling point for this product to me, the case also has to function. An iPhone 5/5S fits snug into the case and was easy to remove if needed. This is not a maximum protection case, but it will prevent damage from standard use and small drops.


All of the buttons and ports are easily accessible and the camera works perfectly. I would like to see a bit more of a lip around the screen to protect more from face down drops.


The bottom of the case is wide open leaving plenty of room for charging cords and headphones, but also avoiding microphone or speaker interference.


The Marshall iPhone 5S case is super simple as it comes to case design. The slim case is more about the look and feel of a legendary amplifier maker. Every guitar player I showed the case to instantly fell in love with it and wanted one. Since I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 plus, I passed the case along to one of my students who is an accomplished guitarist. His eyes lit up and he was blown away at the perfect representation of the Marshall products. This case has some serious mojo! While I doubt it will improve anyone’s playing, it can make you look and feel cool.

The Marshall iPhone 5S case is available for $20 from the Marshall Headphones website.

 Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Slim design that brings the look and feel of the iconic Marshall amplifiers.

What can be improved: I would like to see more of a lip around the screen to bring a bit more protection.

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