SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera Review

SJ2000 cover

The SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera is a budget entry into the action camera market.  It has a 12MP sensor for digital photos and it records digital video in 1080p with its 170-degree lens.  It comes with many Velcro and pressure mounting options and does not have any built-in memory.  You can purchase the SJ2000 for $64.95.

Everything that comes in the retail package.

Everything that comes in the retail package.

The SJ2000 is cylindrically shaped with the 170-degree wide-angle lens on one end and the microphone on the other.  The microphone is hidden underneath the back cover, which screws on and off.  There is one button on the body of the SJ2000, which turns the camera on and off and takes photos and videos.  There is also an indicator light in the button that will let you know whether the camera is on and will also blink to let you know it received your input.  The SJ2000 also includes a low-volume speaker that will play sounds along with the indicator light to let you know what it’s doing.

2-Sports HD DV Gear Diary Review-001After you unscrew the back cover, you’ll find a switch which changes from photo mode to video mode, the microphone, the microUSB port, the microSD card port, a switch that changes video recording from 720p to 1080p, as well as the interchangeable 1100mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery.  The SJ2000 comes with two back covers, one that allows the unit to be waterproof, and another that has a hole in the middle to allow the microphone to record sound.  This is unfortunate because this means that the camera cannot record audio while also being waterproof.  Something else that bothers me about this camera is that it’s not the most secure waterproof design.  Unlike other waterproof cameras that employ a waterproof case that locks tight, the SJ2000 is made waterproof by a few rubber washers that seal the screwed-on back cover.  While the camera went underwater in my testing and came out working properly, I was never positive that it wouldn’t leak, and you don’t want to have to worry about your camera.

The controls under the back cover.

The controls under the back cover.

The SJ2000 does not really have any advanced features, although it is billed as being waterproof up to 30 meters without a special case.  The interchangeable battery is a nice feature, which allows you to have multiple batteries on-hand if you plan on doing a lot of recording.  However, as you can see in the photos in the gallery below as well as the sample video I recorded, the image quality is not terrible, but not great either.  The photos and video seem darker than they should be, and the fisheye effect is quite noticeable in the video recording.  My biggest qualm with the SJ2000 is the fact that the single button makes it very difficult to use.  I often found myself recording video when I wasn’t trying to and wasn’t really sure if photos were taken when I pushed the button.  The sound effects were also very difficult to hear, which added to my confusion.

The back controls with the interchangeable battery removed.

The back controls with the interchangeable battery removed.

Overall, I would only recommend the SJ2000 if you are looking for an inexpensive camera that’s waterproof and records in HD.  The image quality is disappointing and the camera is difficult to use.  However the price is very good when you take into account all that you get with it.

Check out the gallery of sample photos I took with the SJ2000:

Check out the sample video I took with the SJ2000:

You can purchase the SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera directly from Spy Tec Inc.

MSRP:  $64.95

What I Like:  Small and lightweight; Multiple mounting options; Interchangeable battery; Good price.

What Needs Improvement:  Difficult to use due to only having one button; No LCD screen; Need to unscrew back cover to switch from photos to videos; Not the most secure waterproofing; Poor photo and video quality; Can not hear audio from microphone using the waterproof back cover.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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