Luci by MPOWERD Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

This inflatable, rechargeable solar lantern from Luci by MPOWERD has great durability, easy use, and convenient applications when you’re hiking, fishing, camping, biking, boating, barbecuing, by the pool or anywhere else where you might need some outdoor illumination. Also available in aura, lux, and original models.

Luci by Mpowerd Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

The Hype

At MPOWERD, we develop and manufacture game-changing micro-solar energy products for use by people living and playing on and off the grid. Our award-winning Luci® family of patented inflatable solar lanterns is infinitely versatile. Fully waterproof and shatterproof, with a built-in rechargeable battery, all-in-one Luci lanterns hold a charge for up to 12 hours and stay bright all night. Perfect for camping, boating or hiking, emergency breakdowns, power outages or hurricanes, home decor, weddings or celebrations, Luci is ready for anything – anytime, anywhere, any weather. Luci weighs only 4 ounces and collapses to one inch thin. Whether it’s for travel, disaster relief or anything in between, Luci always shines bright. Luci is waterproof and so can safely be used in the rain, on boats, or even in salt water or a chlorinated pool. And since she’s inflatable, Luci floats!

The Reality

Designed in the USA and made in China, this solar-powered lantern has a 3.7 VDC lithium polymer battery built into the inside of the inflatable shell.

Luci by Mpowerd Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

The cardboard packaging protects the lantern well with only open edges potentially vulnerable (only if put in another package). Users can reference the inside of the packages for directions and simple setup. The production date is listed as well as disclaimer (not a toy).

Luci by Mpowerd Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

This practical lantern has a cylinder-shaped design when inflated. Just open the portal and inflate (recommended manually) using the closable air port on the top. The lantern also has a handle at the top, which can be tethered and secured in certain scenarios. Manufacturer’s could expand the design to include hoops on the bottom, but that might adversely affect the overall durability.

Luci by Mpowerd Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

The lantern charges best from direct sunlight (initially eight hours recommended), but can be conveniently charged by setting the lantern inside a vehicle on a dashboard. The light settings are bright, super bright, and flashing and can last 12 hours maximum on the bright setting when fully charged.

The 10 LED lights has a 65 lumens rating that cover approximately 10 sq. ft. The strong illumination works well for most outdoor situations while the strong light range even works well for emergency situations like changing a tire. It would be great to have replaceable, interchangeable solar panels that could slide into the bottom of the lantern, but that would like affect the waterproofing and overall durability.

It doesn’t matter if the lantern is inflated, so users can decide to inflate either before or after the charge. Users power on the lantern by pressing the middle button between the two solar panels.

After the initial charge, it’s an approximate 1-to-1 trade-off the charging (e.g. one hour of charging equals an hour use).

Luci by Mpowerd Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review

The Luci by MPOWERD Inflatable/Rechargeable Solar Lantern is great for travel and easy to pack. It’s basically maintenance free and weighs only four ounces (113 grams) and is a quiet alternative to the hand-cranked lights/devices that matches the usual peacefulness of the outdoors.

The 1P67 waterproof rating allows users to float the light and even secure it with various clips thanks to the top handle (disclaimer also mentions not a floatation device).

The operating temperature is 15 degrees F to 122 degrees F (-10 Celsius to 50 C), so possible puncture is really the only main concern when using this highly recommended lantern.

Technological advances in the future can easily improve temperature rating, battery life times, etc., but it’s great to have a portable option that can last through the night.

The lantern also has a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and even proclaims MPOWERD’s vision to “eradicate energy poverty through solar justice”. Users are even prompted to help at

Luci by MPOWERD Inflatable/Rechargeable Solar Lantern retails for $14.99; it’s currently $13.65 at AmazonLuci by MPOWERD Inflatable/Rechargeable Outdoor Solar Lantern Review [affiliate link].

Source: Reviewer copy provided by manufacturer

What I Like: great durability, very portable, affordable price (easily prompts multiple purchases), different models, lightweight, relatively high waterproof rating, strong lighting range

What Needs Improvement: longer battery life, interchangeable panels (in future), design improvements like loops on bottom for securing this solar lantern

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