Synology Announces Aesthetically Overhauled DS416j NAS

Synology, my top-rated NAS manufacturer, announced their new DS416j NAS this week. The DS416j is a budget-friendly 4-bay network attached storage (NAS) server built for home and small business use to store data, media, and more. The DS416j is ideal for storing as well as streaming media to all of your screens and speakers. The DS416j is now available!

Synology Announces Aesthetically Overhauled DS416j NAS

The 4-bay DS416j is built with a dual-core 1.3 GHz CPU with 512 MB DDR3 memory and can deliver up to 112 MB/s reading and 101 MB/s writing under a RAID 5 configuration in a Windows environment. That’s a 37% performance increase over its predecessor! The DS416j is also equipped with a USB 3.0 port for fast file transfers via thumb drive or external hard drive. The DS416j can hold up to 32TB of data across its four bays, which unfortunately do not appear to be hot swappable.

“People are amassing photos, videos, and digital files faster than ever before, which means we need secure storage to centralize everything in one place, and a convenient way to access and share them,” said Jason Fan, product manager at Synology Inc. “The 4-bay DS416j comes with rich applications and large storage capacity, letting users enjoy cloud synchronization and multimedia streaming at a competitive price.”

Synology Announces Aesthetically Overhauled DS416j NAS

Reacting to user feedback, Synology has built in the ability to adjust and schedule the brightness of the front LEDs on the DS416j with four levels of intensity. It’s also fairly energy efficient, using 21.6 W in full operation and 12.75 W in HDD hibernation. And let’s not forget that the DS416j will run the award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system. It’s the most intuitive operating system out there and it’s incredibly easy to learn and use.

Check out the DS416j now at any of these online retailers. And stay tuned to Gear Diary for a full review coming soon!

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