Beyzacases Folio F iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case Review

The Beyzacases creation we’re looking at this time around is the Beyzacases Folio F iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case. This formfitting case is absolutely gorgeous, designed to both protect the iPad and add functionality to it. While this $109.95 case isn’t inexpensive, it is a case that will turn heads and you will love to use it.  iPad Air 2 Case

From Beyzacases:

Form fitting design offers a compact experience. Full leather surface gives a spectacular feeling. Multiple openings for the basic functions are provided. Genuine leather front cover can be folded and it provides two great angles for typing, gaming, social media activities and movie watching.


The iPad slides into the case. The frame design is such that it doesn’t obstruct the iPad’s screen which holding the iPad securely in place. With this kind of design you never have to worry about the iPad coming out accidentally; that’s a great thing when you consider the fact that my iPad cost just under $1000 dollars.



Once the iPad is in place a tab of extra material folds under the iPad and effectively “locks” it into place. This approach does at a tiny bit of thickness to the package but the added security for your tablet that comes with securing it in this way is well worth any minimal downside in this arena.

And when it is all together it simply looks like a screen framed in gorgeous Beyzacases leather.

Video Review of the Beyzacases Folio F iPad Air 2 Case

As you can see from the video, this is one gorgeous case!


The back of the case covers every bit of the iPad save for the small areas that, out of necessity, must remain uncovered. The “medallion”- the extra material in the middle- carries the company name and serves a key role in the case’s stand functionality.

Flipping the cover around to the back and then inserting the edge into the leather “medallion” creates a triangle. Laying the iPad down leaves the iPad sitting at just the right angle for typing. It creates a solid, unmoving base and improves the onscreen typing experience when using the iPad to create text.


Flip the iPad up, and you get a viewing stand for watching videos on the go. It doesn’t make the most stable of bases but so long as you aren’t in something that gets jostled around you should be fine. In other words, the viewing stand is great for desks but not so good for airplanes.

In all, the Beyzacases Folio F iPad Air and iPad Air 2 case is a gorgeous accessory that looks great and adds functionality to your iPad Air or iPad Air 2. At $109.95, the case is pricey and its design doesn’t fully take the microphone adjustments that took place between the two generations into account, but it is one of, if not the, very best ways to protect your current generation iPad. I love using the review sample, and I look forward to continuing to use it long after this review has been published. You can learn more and order yours here on the Beyzacases website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of this iPad Air 2 case

What I Like: Formfitting case that offers amazing protection has a built-in stand for viewing and typing; Holds the iPad securely in place

What Needs Improvement: Case covers one of the iPad Air 2’s microphones; Not inexpensive but worth the price!

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