Withings Aims for the Masses with Activité Pop

If you like the look of a regular wristwatch but want the benefits of activity tracking, you’ve probably heard of the Withings Activité. It’s a beautiful Swiss watch with a second analog hand that indicates your activity levels, and syncs to your phone. But it’s a bit rich at $450, so Withings is aiming for the mainstream with a $149 Activité Pop!

Activité Pop

This has all the bells and whistles of an activity tracker; a companion app that coaches you, the ability to distinguish exercises like running and walking, and even sleep tracking! It’s all done on a simple watch battery, so you don’t need to charge it, plus it looks like a regular watch. This means when you’re sitting with your boss and they ask the time, you aren’t whipping out an accessory that looks too casual for work. This is just one of many wearables we’ll be hearing about at CES, but this one certainly sounds great on paper! You can ask to be notified at Withings site about availability in your favorite color later this winter/spring!

Here’s the promotional video for the Activité Pop to get you even more excited:

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