Sugr Cube Is a Minimalistic and Beautiful Touch-Based WiFi Speaker

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We’ve reviewed internet radios in the past, and the Sugr Cube is similar to those, but it also does much more. It can stream music directly through your router’s WiFi from sources such as Tunes music, Pandora, BBC radio, 8Tracks and Douban FM, and you can transfer hundreds of songs from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices to it.

Designed without any buttons, the Sugr Cube is controlled by touch and motion.

Beyond its gorgeous style and touch interface, some of the things that set it apart are that you can “use the companion app to pair your Cube with your friends’ … [so] you can listen to the same music or playlist at the same time, no matter how far away you are from each other.”

Sugr Cube Is a Minimalistic and Beautiful Touch-Based WiFi SpeakerYou can also use the companion app for WiFi setup, multi-room control, sleeping mode, and as an alarm. Right now the app is iOS only, hut Android and “other devices will be supported soon.” One device can control up to 16 Sugr Cubes, and you can put cubes throughout your home or office to create a linked soundscape.

Sugr Cube Is a Minimalistic and Beautiful Touch-Based WiFi Speaker

The Sugr Cube has a “bass-reflex acoustic chamber sealed with 9mm thickness MDF board. This technology is common in high-end speakers, while this is the first time it is applied to a portable speaker.” Made at the same factory that works for Focal (France), Dali (Denmark) and Klipsch (USA), and available in a cherry or maple finish, you can still get in on the Sugr Cube for as little as $139.


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