NEET Cable Keeper Review: Organize and Color Code Your Cables


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Give your wires a protective covering this winter with the NEET Cable Keeper. This organizing cable cover/keeper protects and identifies your wires complete with a durable, easy installation.

NEET Cable Keeper Review: Organize and Color Code Your Cables

The Hype

The simplest cable management solution designed to make it easier to organize, protect and identify your mobile device cables while providing you with No More Tangles… Guaranteed. The perfect gift for ANYONE and ANY occasion. Fits great with any Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone mobile device chargers and sync cables available plus a growing number of tablets, Bluetooth devices, speakers, smart watches, cameras and even standard phone cables.

The Reality

NEET Products’ universally designed, three-foot (100 cm) NEET Cable Keeper fits all cables for mobile devices cell phone, tablets and iPad along with other products from Apple, BlackBerry, Huawei, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and many more.

NEET Cable Keeper Review: Organize and Color Code Your Cables

NEET Products assembles and designs NEET Cable Keepers in the state of California with a striated, corduroy-type style texture. Keepers are also available with MFI Apple Lightning or micro USB. Available colors are black, light blue (my favorite), gold, green, royal blue, pink, red, silver, white and yellow. These options will likely expand in the future.

NEET Cable Keeper Review: Organize and Color Code Your Cables

The protective wiring helps users avoid a wiry mess. Combine multiple cords together easily. Two or three cables/wires is a decent average. Users can maximize the available space without breaking the keeper. The sturdy zipper and keeper openings also make installation very easy. I could fit an ethernet cable and two power cables (one regular and one wide) in mine.

Adjust the length of cables to avoid unneeded stress and place the keeper in the open, exposed area. These keepers are also great for protection and identification.

These keepers have a patented support wire embedded inside that reinforces for boosting wire life plus users can position them into any shape without hurting the cables/wires. The optional color identification helps user keep track of where each cable/wires are associated with each device/port.

Neet Products also offers Neet Go, cable management solutions for earbuds (currently in pre-order).

NEET Cable Keepers are a convenient and practical product that can help avoid damage so you get more enjoyment and extended lifetimes from your gear. The 3′ long universal version sells for $12.00; it’s $18.00 for a 3′ long micro USB and $30.00 for a 3′ long Cable Keeper with MFI Apple Lightning built in.

Source: Personal purchase

What I Like: Positionable reinforced casing; Color choices; Durable design; Practical use; Easy-to-install; Cable management identification option

What Needs Improvement: More color options

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