Makers & Riders NEOSHELL PANTS Commuter Weatherproof Jeans Review

When a review sample of the Makers & Riders NEOSHELL PANTS 3-Season Commuter Weatherproof Jeans arrived, I wasn’t initially sure what to make of them. They are light and thin, warm as hell, somewhat baggy at the top, and taper at the ankle. After wearing them for a couple of days I just call them great and want more.

The company describes their overall approach this way:

It’s tailored versatility from boardroom to board slide, fit for travel through Copenhagen or urban cycling in Chicago. It’s realizing you’re ready for intense weather conditions or a perfect day. It’s inhaling thin air on any summit, it’s a refined solution and purpose-driven commute. It’s peating to explore Paris with only two pair of trousers on your back. It’s active sophistication with advanced technology and craftsmanship. Makers & Riders is the luxury of knowing that you’re in control of the day’s journey the globe over.

The result of this approach is, if these pants are any indication, a lie of products that are thoughtfully created and deliver exactly what they promise. It also, however, means that these pants are anything but inexpensive. The review sample retails for $169.00. Trust me, these are worth the price, and I’ll be making more purchases from this store!

Makers & Riders NEOSHELL PANTS Commuter Weatherproof Jean

Maker & Riders describe the pants this way:

This highly versatile garment has been called the “Rolls Royce of Pants”. We designed this weatherproof pant for city commutes both on and off the bike, but our first supporters have tested the limits. From playing Golf in wet conditions, to Alaskan bear hunting for 10 days straight, to just sleeping on the couch, these pants are being worn anywhere and everywhere. Bring the pants inside offices thanks to cutting edge technical attributes that enable the pant to breath 100X greater than any other weatherproof textile on the market. They have a soft shell feel that makes for a new experience: no loud crunch noise or rigid feeling to this garment making our pieces exceptionally office-friendly and beer / wine garden appropriate.

Here’s what I’m finding with these pants from Makers & Riders. First, they are among the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Serious! They are thin and light but have kept my legs toasty warm in the cold, New Jersey winter. At the same time, when I am now wearing them while sitting in my apartment and, thanks to the way the pants breath, they aren’t making me too warm. In fact, they seem to have the ability to almost intelligently adjust to the current environment. Weird but true!

Screenshot 2015-02-21 15.02.49


Waterproof technology has remained about the same since the very first hard shell. Breathability is achieved through diffusion: moisture and heat create enough pressure that moisture vapor finally passes through the fabric. Soft shells trade waterproofness for greater breathability by making use of convection: a constant exchange of air allows more moisture vapor to escape. The airflow in conventional waterproof / breathables is close to zero whether you’re active or not. Breathability claims for these fabrics are typically based on static testing conditions so the second you walk outside, the claims are irrelevant. A more accurate measure of breathability is found with Dynamic Breathability Testing which accounts for real world conditions like wind and movement.


Screenshot 2015-02-21 14.48.15

Because they are cut more generously in the thigh area, they allow for comfortable movement without being baggy. And because the leg tapers at the ankles they don’t “swish” around. They do not let cold air sneak in either. Of course the tapered leg is there because these pant are, in part, designed for people who are riding. It’s winter and I don’t have a bike, but come spring I will be getting one, and these pants will certainly be my go-to pair when I am out.

Screenshot 2015-02-21 14.47.39

The pockets are also another great aspect of these pants. There are a total of five of them and they are deep enough to really let you store a good amount of stuff safely. You won’t worry about items dropping out as you move around. Add in the fact that the openings are large and generous, and you won’t have a difficult time grabbing what you need out of the pockets either.

Makers & Riders

Pants features include:

  • Slim fit however has more room in the thigh area
  • 5-pocket design to safely store your mobile devices, debauchery, and cards
  • Trouser style welts in rear with internal hand pockets
  • Our exclusive designed Gull Wing Gusseted crotch for more freedom of movement
  • Purpose Aggressive Gripper waistband for non-slipping performance
  • Anti-Sprocket leg openings (7” inch openings)
  • Deep pocket bags for safer storage

So what you have here are a pair of trousers that were “designed as a hybrid with traditional jean touch points and refined trouser elements”. They are amazingly comfortable, keep you both warm and cool, are waterproof and are available in any color you want… So long as that color is black. At $169 they are far from inexpensive but I’m impressed enough that I’ll be going shopping on their site very soon. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Makers & Riders 3-Season NEOSHELL PANTS Commuter Weatherproof Jean

What I Like: Comfortable; Keep you warm and yet are breathable; Good tapered legs; Deep pockets

What Needs Improvement: Just under $170 a pair

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