Prevent Ankle Sprains While Exercising with Lasso’s Compression Socks


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Prevent Ankle Sprains While Exercising with Lasso's Compression Socks

One of the hardest things for working out for me, especially when playing running or even playing Basketball is protecting my Achilles and ankles from eventually hurting. I’ve looked high and low for solutions, yet the best that I have found are Lasso’s Compression Socks.
Utilizing the science of medical taping, Lasso’s Compression Socks are made to prevent Ankle Rolls by up to 75%. Now, this is a method that has not just been proven by the company, but I can personally vouch for in terms of playing soccer, basketball and working out at the gym with them. The socks honestly give me a Keith Van Horn look, with a high-high white look reminiscent of the former New Jersey Nets NBA player. However, I highly doubt his socks came with as much research and detail that the Lasso socks do.

Prevent Ankle Sprains While Exercising with Lasso's Compression Socks

Formed with high strength fabrics that mimic the support of kinesio taping, the Lasso socks keep everything compressed and in place, for an all-in-one support solution built-in with comfort made for athletics. So if you’re that guy who wears a bunch of braces to keep things stable when you’re exercising, you may be able to do away with the additional gadgets such as ankle weights and just wear your Lasso socks. And with how expensive an ankle sprain can be (averaging up to $1,008), Lasso may help you cut down on medical costs over time.

Prevent Ankle Sprains While Exercising with Lasso's Compression Socks

Backed by Former Denver Bronco Champ Bailey, the company has done various studies on ankle inversion and eversion, including nine control trials and 18 testing trials, concluding to the Lasso Compression Socks providing meaningful, preventative ankle support compared to standard athletic socks and barefoot conditions.

Prevent Ankle Sprains While Exercising with Lasso's Compression Socks

Saying that to say this, I always have a pair of Lasso socks in my gym bag now, specifically now for lifting as the stability the socks give me when I do dead-weights are phenomenal. If you’re a runner as well, these are a pair of socks you certainly have to see to believe. For more information on the Lasso Compression Socks, you can head over to Lasso’s site today.

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What I Like: Typically not a huge fan of white high socks but regardless of color they work as stated on supporting my ankles

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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