Upcoming Tweak iOS Blocks to Make Homescreens Multitask

iOS Blocks is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will reinvent the way you think of widgets and your productivity on your jailbroken iPhone devices.

Created by developers Matchstic, Gabriele, Aesign and TechofOu, iOS Blocks so far is the ability to use your home screen to see more information about any particular app using a pinch gesture. I can already see this, coupled with tweaks like Velox, being reasons why I NEVER put my device down for long. Just the Music app block alone will be a reason for me to stop having to open that app just to do particular things.

Notice the look of certain apps

Already said to be compatible with big name tweaks like Springtomize, Apex and Homescreen Designer, just from teaser images, iOS Blocks looks to be something that Apple would implement into a software update.

Little do a lot of people know, tweaks like these and previous big names like BiteSMS, Auki, and many others, Apple “cloned” s to speak, and added to stock iOS 2-3 years later. So seeing something that already looks so polished, and the fact that Apple seems to be catching up with the times, I can surely see this being a MUST-have tweak for the jailbreak community.

With an impending Apple Watch announcement on March 9th, it would be interesting to see if they can get this tweak to somehow be compatible with stock apps like Health, so at the swipe of your icon, you can see your steps, as well as other health based options.

If this tweak is an innovative as Macthstic’s Convergence and Aesign’s Confero, I’m more than sure it will be a tweak that you will use frequently on your device. Although there is no release date available for this tweak, you should keep tabs on each developers Twitter page more more information:

Each Developer’s Twitter Page:

Tweak Coming Soon

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