ASP Dot Rechargeable Flashlight Review: 130 Lumens on Your Keychain

I recently reviewed the ASP Pro DF Flashlight which has a permanent spot in my gear bag. I had the pleasure of also reviewing the Dot ($37), a 130 lumens rechargeable flashlight that fits on a keychain. The Dot is not only tiny, but it’s also rugged and brings plenty of light; it’s a great addition to my flashlight collection.

Machined from 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, the Dot brings the same detail to design and manufacturing that the entire ASP lineup provides. Not many tiny flashlights bring the same quality as their larger counterparts, but the Dot is the exception to the rule.

The Dot uses premium components including a Cree XPG2 LED light, glass lens, and gold-plated connectors. The entire light measures in at a minuscule 1.9″ and a 0.58″ diameter and only weighs half an ounce. I am amazed that this tiny light can bring 150 lumens.

Most little lights I have tried to carry utilize some kind of odd battery that is tough to find. The Dot is rechargeable and provides 25 minutes of light. While that sounds short, I have found it to be plenty since I only use the light in short bursts to find something in my truck or in a deer blind; I no longer have to use my cell phone for a flashlight.

To charge the Dot, you’ll unscrew the lens cap and plug into the micro-USB charging adapter. A red light indicates active charging and turns green when fully charged.

Even though it is tiny in size, the Dot brings a powerful light and rugged housing. This light is built with the same quality as all of ASP’s full-size products. The Dot fits nicely with my keys, and it is always handy when I need some quick light. At $37, you can not go wrong considering the quality and small form factor. I highly recommend this light.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Rugged, well made, and tiny enough to fit with my keys

What can be improved: At this price, I think the company has exceeded expectations for such a small light

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