Bracketron EZCharge Lets You Plug It In, Plug It In

Calm yourself, you have a 50-50 shot at this, you’re only plugging your USB cable into a 12V charging socket. DANG, got it backwards again. If this is your frustration, Bracketron has your salvation. The new EZCharge USB charger features new Anyway USB outlets eliminating the chance of plugging the cable in backwards or upside down.

Bracketron EZCharge/Images by Author

Bracketron EZCharge/Images by Author

When I first opened the manufacturer review sample I wondered where this has been all my life and why oh why hasn’t this design been used since Day 1 of USB cables and ports. I am one of those who usually comes up on the losing end of the game of getting it plugged in correctly on the first attempt so this device makes perfect sense to me.


Bracketron offers two styles of its new EZCharge mobile charging outlets, one with a single 2.4A outlet and one with dual USB ports offering total output of 4.8A allowing for charging of both phone and tablet or any combination thereof.


The EZCharge unit is a sleek, lightweight bullet style design with a low-profile USB port face that includes a power on LED light. Its simplistic design is its beauty and it works like a champ for multiple device lifestyles.


Bracketron sent along one review sample of each of the single and dual USB port charger plugs so one went into each vehicle in our driveway and as the lady of the house does not have multiple devices the dual USB port plug rides with me.


First up was plugging in both my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air and the Bracketron EZCharge unit had no problem of supplying ample power to charge both. The USB outlet holds your device cable firmly in place and works with either cable in either orientation when attached. Just plug it in and go, simple as that. Now if I can just talk Apple into using this style USB port on the back of their computers…


Review samples provided by Manufacturer

What is it: Bracketron EZCharge single and dual USB charger 12V adaptor plugs

Likes: Easy to use, provides ample power for current devices, makes life easier even if it is for just a moment

Dislikes: Plastic bullet tip cracked easily when dropped but unit did hold together and continue working

MSRP: Single $12.99, Dual $24.99

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