A Case for Your Apple Watch? Nope, It’s “The Bumper”

If you’re going to shell out the money for the new Apple Watch in April, you know one thing, and that is it will not be cheap. And even though the team in Cupertino has a good reputation of style, there may be a circumstance where you accidentally might damage your shiny new smart watch. There’

A Case for Your Apple Watch? Nope, It's "The Bumper"

Yes, an accessory for your accessory

Funded through IndieGogo, Italian company ActionProof has created THE BUMPER, a way to protect your costly investment. Crafted from Laprene, protective case gives your 42mm model Apple Watch 360º protection as well as shock absorption all while giving you full access to the beautiful sapphire screen and all functioning buttons. The digital crown is also covered, but still allows for pushing and rotating. We are also told that the speaker, health sensors and microphone are completely uninterrupted, if you had any concern this will make your device not function as it should, all without compromising the beauty of the watch.

Our pals at SlashGear state:
ActionProof’s new Bumper case for the Apple Watch has launched on Indiegogo, where the maker is touting its bumper-like sleeve. The case is designed to fit around the edges of the watch itself, not the strap, protecting the edges from the bumps that tend to happen with wearables.

ActionProof has a goal of $10,000 as of March 10th, and already on pace to meet it. For $20 you’ll get the limited edition pink, while $9 more will get you black with an orange accent dot.

A Case for Your Apple Watch? Nope, It's "The Bumper"

For more details about The Bumper, or to fund it, visit their Indiegogo page.

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