Get Charged up at Night with the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

When I purchased my Apple Watch I knew I wanted a dock for it. After all, I don’t want to leave my watch simply sitting on my table charging each night. That, however, meant an additional device charger on my table. The Griffin WatchStand allows me to charge both my phone and a second device at the same time.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

“Watch Stand: the all-in-one powered charging station for Apple Watch & iPhone—charges both Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad, and sits beautifully on any desktop, tabletop or bedside table.”

This charging stand for the Apple Watch looks similar to Griffin’s initial offering with regard to the watch-charging portion. It’s a tall black plastic post that holds the watch charging disc in the top angle. (The charging cable is not included.)

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

The cable for the charging disc runs through the plastic column and wraps around it to help keep you from having a mess of tangled cable.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

Once the cable is wrapped around the column a black smooth sheet of plastic slides up and over it. This hides the additional cable and gives it a finished look. The black column then simply sits atop the base. The original charging stand took the USB end of the cable and ran it out the bottom to the wall adapter. This charging stand takes a different approach that’s a bit cleaner and definitely more functional.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

“The built-in power supply with 2 dedicated USB ports free up a wall outlet, remove cable clutter, and provide the perfect amount of charging power for both Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad.”

The USB portion of the Apple Watch charging cable runs through the column down through the base of the charger and plugs into an array of ports that sit hidden beneath the charging stand. An included wall adapter plugs into the same array of ports and provides power to the Apple Watch. A second USB port offers 2.1amps and can be used with a second cable. This time you can use a USB to lightning cable and charge your iPhone or iPad or use a USB to micro USB cable and charge a non-Apple device. Either way it means you get to charge two devices from a single wall adapter plug.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

The large flat portion of the charging station has soft flannel on top and is designed to hold the iPhone or iPad. The soft material keeps it from scratching the device and keeps the second device from sliding around. If you aren’t using the secondary charging functionality of the stand or are charging an iPhone this large area looks like a bit of overkill.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

To a large extent it is pretty spacious. If, however, you are using this to charge an iPad it is actually well sized.

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

Regardless, it means I now have to use only one outlet and one charging device on my night table for both my watch and my iPhone. My iPad still needs a separate charger since there are only two USB ports in this device, but it certainly is nice to eliminate one of the chargers I previously required.

It features:

  • Eliminate Cable Clutter: WatchStand has built-in cable management for both Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad. Excess cord length from your Apple Watch wraps around the inside of WatchStand’s post, and the cable posts under WatchStand’s base wrap extra cable to keep your tabletop uncluttered.
  • Securely Charges Apple Watch: WatchStand holds your Apple Watch’s Magnetic Charging cable securely for the perfect contact between the connector and the back of your watch. The Magnetic Charging cable gently snaps itself onto the back of your watch and begins charging.
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Nightstand: Accommodating all watch bands, WatchStand securely charges your Apple Watch at any orientation—vertically or horizontally—and even works with Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode. The base is shaped to display your iPhone at the perfect angle.
  • Stays In Place: The no-scratch felt platform is the perfect place to lay your iPhone while charging, and WatchStand’s weighted base has non-skid padding to stay put anywhere you’re charging.

As Griffin puts it, “Your Apple Watch and iPhone are made for each other. You wear them together—now, keep them charged together.”


  • Dimensions: 3.15” X 5.5” X 7.87” (80.01 mm X 139.7 mm X 199.9 mm)
  • Weight: 18 oz. (510.29 g)
  • Power in from source: 100 – 240 V AC
  • Power out to device: 2 USB ports — Apple Watch: 2.5 W (5 V @ 500 mA), iPhone/iPad: 10 W (5 V @ 2.1 A)
  • In the Box: WatchStand, power supply, interchangeable power adapters (US, UK, EU, AUS), user manual
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Magnetic Charging Cable and Lightning Cable not included

Get Charged Up at Night With the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station!

The Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station is a great accessory if you are “all-in” with Apple products. Since the Apple Watch doesn’t do all that much unless used with an iPhone, this stand lets you charge both devices in the same place with the same power supply. And since it is an integrated unit, both devices will be in the same place when you go to bed at night and within easy reach when you wake up in the morning. The plastic used to bring the design to life isn’t the most elegant material but the stand looks good, is functional and, at $59.99, is priced nicely. You can learn more and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station.

What I Like: Charges your Apple Watch and a second device at the same time; Simple assembly; Hides excess cords for both charging solutions; Puts out 2.1amps in the secondary port so you can charge your iPad or your phone

What Needs Improvement: Black

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