The ExoLens for iPhone 6 Is the Only Lens You Need

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One thing that the iPhone is never short of is accessories. There are plenty of cases and cords for your device, but what about the most important feature of them all? The Camera? A newcomer to the iPhonography group of gadgets is the ExoLens iPhone 6 Lens Kit.

The ExoLens for iPhone 6 Is the Only Lens You Need

Take your photography more seriously with the Exolens


Released earlier this year, the ExoLens is looking to compete with the Olloclip, a big name, and popular lens kit for the iPhone. With big names like Instagram & Snapchat being top App Store applications, and others on the rise, its safe to say photography is as popular as it’s ever been. And what cooler way to take photos than with the ExoLens?

The ExoLens for iPhone 6 Is the Only Lens You Need

The ExoLens comes with an iPhone mount, a 165-degree wide-angle lens, a 4x telephoto lens, and a lens hood that protects from scratches, and natural elements. The good thing about the accessory is that, even though completely made of metal, its insides all have rubber padding to prevent damaging your precious iPhone.

The ExoLens for iPhone 6 Is the Only Lens You Need

You can purchase the ExoLens for iPhone 6 (not for 6+ versions) from Apple, or on their site today for $129.95.

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