Oneadaptr Twist World Travel Adapter Handles Your Overseas Device Charging

Are you traveling overseas and thinking about the adapters you’ll need to pack? I just got back from Barcelona, and in my bag I had at least four adapters, a six slot charging strip, and several USB chargers to plug into the adapters. I wish I’d had the new Oneadaptr Twist World Travel Adapter; it could have handled almost everything.

Twist World Travel Adapter

Originally a Kickstarter Project, the Oneadaptr successfully funded in December, and they are now available for purchase to the everyone. There are two styles: the first has four USB charging ports, and the second style has all of that and adds a built-in MacBook charger.

Twist World Travel Adapter is an ultra-portable universal adapter designed to work around the world. It offers much more functions and makes charging your mobile devices much easier. Some of its functions include, 4 USB ports for charging, universal outlet and the intuitive twist-to-change adapter designed it fit in wall sockets in 150 countries around the world.

The Twist 4 USB is $44.99, and the Twist Plus 4 USB & MacBook (As Seen in the Video) is $49.99.

You can order your Oneadaptr Twist World Travel Adapter directly from the manufacturer. I’ll have one for my upcoming trip to the IFA 2015 Global Press Conference, and I’ll let you know how it performs!

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