Drafts is Yet Another App Scheduled for the Apple Watch

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Popular app Drafts is on the home screen of ALL of my apple devices. Any time I begin writing anything I start by using Drafts, because I know for a fact I can leave the app, and when I come back my thoughts are still there.

And it being the fastest app to get my thoughts across, I was especially surprised to find out that the developer of the app, Agile Tortoise would be developing an app for the Apple Watch.

Drafts is Yet Another App Scheduled for the Apple Watch

Already known for the ability to quickly capture text, the Apple Watch version will have plenty of planned features, but what we do know will come when the Apple Watch is released on April 24th is:

– The ability to see inbox status
– The ability to browse recent inbox drafts, perfect for seeing your grocery list!
– Capturing text by dictation

Now obviously this isn’t for everybody, but I do know if I do decide to get the watch, it will also be one of the first apps I download for my watch. Here’s a preview of what you can potentially see from the Drafts Apple Watch Edition.

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